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  1. 6643188955_5562b55108_z.jpg

    The use of Self Edge's copy is not good practice, I doubt it's malicious, just cutting corners at a busy period, as another poster said. I'm not sure how the size chart similarities are bad though - why couldn't T&Y's measurements be the same as SE? Wouldn't that be expected?

    However, Kiya's reaction, although partially justified, does him no justice either and is likely driven by the perceived loss of business to a competitor.

    Hint to T&Y - if you're after jeans sizing charts, I find that BiG are much more accurate than SE!

    ^ This.

    I'd appreciate it if the shit-slinging were taken off line so that consumers can enjoy the thread.

  2. I keep needing to remind myself that I told myself I would take a break from contests once royxcone is over (though I'm quite intrigued by these pants), so I'll stop cluttering with my questions!

    Sounds like ninja07 is a similar size to me, though, so I'll be curious to see how his 28s wind up! Unfortunately smallest size in the seconds sale is 30.

    Also, just saw this on You Have Broken the Internet (via some other blog):


    look like Left Field, and dude is apparently a buyer for Need Supply so it would make sense. Good looking fit that makes me even more intrigued... dammit...

    This pic mades me sad I passed on these. Should be a great year guys!

  3. ^ That's something special you got their mate!

    I love the look of that heavy lug unit, works better with the shape of the vamp than the original one I reckon.

    12 hours left to go for me...going to wear the boots around the house at midnight :P

    theblackgoat - those are bloody amazing!

    mike: 26hrs to go for me :D

  4. Shubha, you've got me blushing. That's the nicest compliment :) But I'd be the first to disabuse you of your romantic notions - and my wife would be the second :D And I'm no homecoming king ;) Thank you nonetheless.

    WAYWT got pretty deep all of a sudden. I never mind neg rep if there is some sort of criticism involved. It's kinda nice to know why you got negged. Not that I'm going to change how I dress to ward off neg rep. Far from it, but it's more out of curiosity of what people disliked and what their personal tastes are.

    As for a lot of regulars who post and get +rep they just consistently do it well or have become a favorite among the other members. It's a natural thing to happen. Same goes for the opposite which is unfortunate sometimes, but again a natural course when dealing with a small online community with specific criteria and taste. Furthermore, fashion is so subjective so whether someone hates a fit or not who's to say they're right or wrong in + or - rep?

    I think tiger has it - behaviours may be exaggerated online, but they do follow many of the social mores we experience in daily life.

  5. @ cold summer: I thought your waywt was fine - good fit, good shot, nice background. It's true that newcomers do attract a fair bit of flak - kinda like frat hazing. Is it right? Probably not, but that's life. How you'll continue to be treated will be determined more by how you react to stuff. I remember getting shit on a lot in the beginning. Just carry on & wear what you like. :)

  6. Mega, I agree with tmadd - the dress leather is the way to go - it can take a spit shine that even marineabilly would approve of :) I prefer chromexcel, but then again, i don't want a high shine on most of my boots...

    picked these up today! can i get advice on protectors for snow and insoles?

    If you have room, try the superfeet insoles. Otherwise, the local cobbler usually has a selection ranging from leather ones to the dr scholls stuff. For snow/water/salt protection, you can try obenaufs or snoseal

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