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  1. Man, I'm envious (and surprised) rks fit you, riff, given that I figure you and I probably have pretty similar builds. Whenever I've tried on the rks, if the waist fits then the leg opening is almost too tight to get my foot through and the calves and thighs both feel like they're going to explode. If I put on a pair for which the legs fit correctly, the waist is comically large.

    Hey Dkatz, good to see you around. Yeah, the waist is a tad big in order for me to get a good fit on the legs, not much more than the stretch I usually get though. Karl's Stantons are perfect for me, though I'm guessing the SK's would be waaaay too tight in the legs.....

    ^Nice fit riff! Info on Jacket? I as well was wearing my ISC's today.

    Five Brother | ISC's | Walk Over


    Cheers lwmmm. The jacket is from Billy Reid, a few seasons back. Gotta say, you have a sweet selection of flannel!

  2. Comparison of new and almost 8 month old Dark Stanton worn alot.


    Dan - my Dark Stantons are at the same stage as yours. I'm curious - did you size down on your new selvage pair? Karl mentioned they will stretch a bit more.

    My RK ISCs paired with my favorite Gitman flannel, and Danner x Tanner boots. I absolutely am obsessed with the RK fit. Can't wait to see what Karl comes out with, for the rest of FW, I have seen a field jacket prototype, release in mid-December.


    You & me both. I also picked up the duck camo. And I've been trying to talk Karl into making the RK's in jungle cloth :D Very nice fit/combo btw.

  3. riff you know I almost like everything you post...but i don't really get this camo hype thats's going one for some months

    :blush: It's true - intro nailed it. And with the new influx of quality camo stuff, I can't help myself! :D Besides, for me, Karl's cuts are golden, so when he came out with the duck camo pants, I had to get them!

  4. ^ I think you'd like the fit of the SK's. I have the Stantons - I'm lean, not skinny, and find that cut is perfect for me. The construction & materials on Karl's clothes are outstanding, you won't be disappointed if you find the fit you like.

    Here are my Dark Stantons. Six months, just had their second wash. Probably 3-4 months effective wear....


  5. riff, lovely vibergs; how did u size them? whole size down from dress shoe size (like tate+yoko advise) or different

    Hey Slab - I size mine identical to my Trickers. So that would roughly be one size down from my US dress shoe size. Note that Viberg's usual width is "E", which is perfect for me, but if you have narrow feet, go down in width.

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