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  1. welcome back riff. we missed you. how do you keep those vibergs clean man? ( oh yeah canucks have clean streets)

    Sup Ed - thanks! Walk a lot in snow :D And use Mr Clean Magic Erasers to keep dem Christys looking crispy

    what size is your barbour jacket riff?

    Harry - they're a medium, and have a really slim cut

    Looking good there R!

  2. Hahaha omfg - you guys crack me up :D Nice to see this thread still has soul !

    Edit: Slab, it's the Barbour To Ki To Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket - originally came out a few years ago, then re-issued for Skyfall (at jacked up prices, of course :rolleyes: )

  3. how do the arg's fit? how long is the inseam?

    I'm lean but muscular, and went TTS, otherwise the legs would have been too tight. The inseam is about 36-37'' - Karl will hem for you if needed.

    Would anyone here who owns a pair of stantons in 30 or 31 be willing to give me some more measurements?

    I'll update my post tonight to ask you to measure the width of the leg from a certain distance from the crotch area because I'm not super tall and want to know the exact measurement of the knee section to see if my calves would fit in a 30 or if I should go for a 31.

    I just got a size 30 for Xmas, and haven't hemmed them yet, so hit me up & let me know where you want the calf measured....

  4. Accidentally neg'd you Riff, sorry mate.

    Those Raindrop camos look nice as hell ;)

    No worries bro, and yeah, the raindrop trousers are dope. Actually, I have yet to see anything by Karl that isn't amazing.

    I love how much love you show to Karl, riff! he's lucky to have you repping his shit; you wear it well! I've been thinking about sorting out some similar sort of hanger-setup. I think jeans are aesthetically appealing, so why not display them, eh?

    Hey dkatz - now that you've met him, and are a proud owner, you're in the know ;) Srsly tho, the cuts, attention to detail, quality - are all over the top. And yeah - having them on a hook rack just makes sense!

  5. ^ I've been leery of the SK's for that reason, but I have 30's in the Stantons, and the hem is not a problem. They do stretch out - I'd think the 29 would end up too big. Don't forget that if you have them shortened, the hem will become slightly larger.

    Here's the family picture. I added the 14.5 selvage & Stealth Stantons via Xmas presents - need more hooks!


  6. It is a shame that their QC has gone downhill. My early Aldens are all mint, but in the last few years, I've had at least three instances of returning pairs to the dealer, and having them comb through their stock to find one without flaws.

    With the massive boom in Alden popularity, they can't seem to keep up with some of the key processes. Hopefully this won't be a trend - thinking of Viberg, their finishing and quality is miles above Alden, which is kind of ironic............

  7. The video is really funny! But the prose came from a Tumblr blog called fuckyeahmenswear

    There was quite a stir around here when it started up a couple of years ago, and a great deal of speculation as to who the writer(s) was. Have a gander - it's beyond hilarious! :D

    There was an early entry that used a photo taken by Eltopo, with Eric standing in a dim mine shaft. The photo is no longer there, but the writing still is. You'll recognize it when you see it - lol!

  8. Merz - I thought the same as well: stylistically, those boots look identical. It must come down to lasts, fitting, etc, as you said.

    It would be a shame if Trickers quality is on the downtick. A friend recently picked up a pair of the TBS orange suede Superboots, and we discovered, as I was shooting them, that an entire row of stitching had been omitted on one boot! It was not a functional issue, purely an aesthetic one, but disappointing nonetheless. In every other regard, the boots were superb, though.

  9. Just glad that I never picked up the Barbour/Tokito model that he's wearing there, even though it did look bloody good on him, as I'd be getting heartily sick of the copycat accusations by now. Although they are now fetching double retail price on eBay at the moment...

    I bought mine when it first came out a few years back - amazing how the price has escalated! :D

    On a shoe-related note, a question for UK boot expert CTB:

    What is the difference between the Grassmere and the Superboot? I'm eyeing them, both made in zug, with a commando sole, and they seem to look identical.

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