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  1. I was dropping our little girl off at school, when some mom pulled in behind me. I noticed she had the latest & greatest Yakima rooftop carrier on her SUV.

    She was just getting out with her kid as we were walking by, and I smiled & said "Nice rack!". The words were barely out of my mouth when I could have bitten my tongue off.

    There was a really awkward moment of silence, while I registered what I had just said, and she figured out that I was talking about the contraption on her car...

    I tried to recover by asking where she had bought it, but you know....

  2. did you have the speedhooks replaced with eyelets as well, or did they come that way originally? Love the all eyelets and the soles!

    Thanks slide! Yes - I've always hated the speedhooks and had them replaced with eyelets!

    In other news... Do we have an "ugliest boot" thread? ;) Who's gonna be the first to trade in their Red Wings for these? Lol!


  3. I can definitely vouch for Willies... Way back when, I had just gotten my Indy's back from Alden after a re-sole, and I saw Chicken's honey vibram version - I decided when it came time for the next re-sole, I would go that route. It was actually my wife who somehow found Willies. Anywho... the result:



  4. ^ I had a top-of-the-line Alpine jacket from a number of years back. Went in for (free) repairs twice. The third time, they said it was toast (after 8+ years of abuse), and sent me a certificate for $650 towards any Patagonia shell. Class act.

    Re what to do with your jacket: I was told to take mine to any Patagonia dealer to have them ship it back to the company. Things might have changed - just give them a call to find out.

  5. This Samurai Rattlesnake belt is by far the nicest, most heavy duty belt I've ever laid my hands on, and I've owned Iron Heart, Tanner, and other Samurai models (all of which I've gifted to my nephews). None of those are in the same league as this BEAST.

    Maybe this belt will rekindle my fire for belts again...

    You're the only one with enough moxie to pull that belt off, Shubha! Must spread! Max - check it out!

  6. must spread Markus, thats a great set!

    Ditto! Very nice Markus!

    Meant to post this and forgot…. I was out of town on business for the better part of last week, and never got a chance to update…

    We spent a day at the Busker Fest - street acts, jugglers, crowds, and, of course - food!




    I had to get this shot :D





  7. Sizing worked out perfectly & they're in nice shape! But dry as a bone - going to let them absorb some Obenaufs and see how they do!

    Edit: Thanks devilish! I'm actually not sure of the brand, but the construction is just right! ;) Oh - and like you - I am totally bummed at missing out on that Gitman :(

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342