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  1. While we were up at the cottage, i took a minute to photograph my old danner mountain lights. About 10 years old, on their third re-sole. They're semi-retired to cottage duty now, but I like them so much, it was a no-brainer to pick up the Woodlands Lownsdale version for lighter use.

    I'll probably spring for a new pair of mountain lights in the near future - great boots.



  2. That's me.

    Robbie is one of the youngest, and this isn't a knock, but I've noticed that most people born after 1980 never even flirted with tobacco. I've never considered myself a smoker, but with the right hooch I'll smoke my pipe.


    Ditto - replace "pipe" with "cigar" and that's me. So no worries Robbie ;)

  3. Morse, buddy - big congrats bro! Great pics - looks like a blast! Klue - love the shots!

    I've been buried in work this week, so playing catch-up. Got together with friends on Monday night and took the kids out trick-or-treating… It was a spooktacular evening! Thought I'd share some of the scenes!


    Hmmm… Who is that?



    Some of the really little ones got freaked!


    This was hilarious - you had to step on a button, and he rose up from a crumpled heap, screaming like a banshee! The pups went insane, barking, growling and lunging at it. I was laughing so hard I could even focus!


    More spooky sights






    The kids pretty much filled their pillowcases to the brim - and we adults got a glass of wine at many a house, so we were all pretty merry by evening's end!

  4. Looking good Erk! You finally got the White's sizing sorted?

    Sweapea - crazy pumpkin! Must spread! And nice fit on the Roys!

    Dr Heech - RxC are amazing! I know what you mean by wanted to keep them at this stage! Here's mine from the weekend, love the blues peeking out:


  5. Merzbot, those are sweet! Your pair? Mikecch - Viberg hikers look good, especially dubbed!

    Now why does that not surprise me... :-)

    Are these the two tone ones?

    Yep, green/brown combo.

    What pants are you wearing in this pic Riff? Thanks
    Pretty sure those are the Monitaly waxed ducks.

    Hollowsleather got it - fit pic with the Yuks:


  6. hey all, thinking of getting some weirdguy ducks.

    already own skinny guy selvedge in 33W that fit sexy - I know weird guys are bigger in the thighs but I can't find any hard and fast measurements for them. would I be pretty safe going with a 33W in the weird guys?

    Check out blueowl:


    Their measurements are usually bang on, and Jay is great to deal with.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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