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  1. Therelativity is my favorite serial killer, I feel like her fits are their own thing and are hard to judge or compare to others. Def agree with akuma on the critique, sufu had gotten pretty soft over the last year or two. I remember being afraid to post a fit by being reprimanded by internet villains.


    Likes & dislikes are always subject to discussion. What I appreciated the most about Akuma's post is that it was the first real critique I've seen here in a long time. Props to you, bro

  2. They do look good b_f! Something to look forward to under the tree :)

    agreed with seul - they look great! i would love to see more pics! is there a model name for those? also, what are those pants riff? they look like selvage duck - yum!

    Thanks sweapea! I'll post some pics up when i get a minute. The pants are carhartt selvage duck ropers - very nice stuff. but mine have always been a shade to small, so i've been thinking of letting them go. pm me if you're interested! :)

  3. ^ very nice! the katahdin boots are way under-rated.

    Interesting, their blurb on the site makes me want to know more. I don't follow this thread that religiously but don't believe I've seen Daytons on here before. It'd be good to hear from some owners of those boots or have a few pictures posted.

    I have a pair - from a recent fit pic:


    They're quite nice for the price, but not even close to being in the same league as white's or viberg. they also will sell direct, and usually have pretty good variety at their outlet store. Great folks to deal with.

  4. Layne - I hear ya - I'm sure there is a certain milking of the popularity train that they're riding.

    Nonetheless - you're on a forum where a pair of kudu visvim boots will run double that amount - if you're lucky... :D

    I, too, think their silhouette is perfect. If white's could get something like that service boot going, i'd be all over it. but in the meantime, i'm happy with the vibergs i have and have no buyers remorse whatsoever. in the end, it all comes down to what you want.

    Edit: the christy sole is probably my favourite sole :D

  5. Layne, I own both vibergs & whites. in terms of built tough, they are about equivalent - i.e. bullet-proof.

    Where I see the difference is that whites makes no pretence - their boots are workboots, pure & simple. You'll find some rough edges, slightly imperfect/asymmetrical welts, etc. the vibergs, on the other hand, are immaculate. Try and imagine a dress boot attention to detail, with the likes of alden's bootmakers edition, combined with that incredibly tough build.

    i think this is what the premium is. so if you're in bc, and visit the viberg factory store, their "imperfects" that they sell for $300 rival just about any other brand that's sold at full retail....

  6. Maybe it's cos I'm a Brit, but it's the taking part and not the winning that matters. SO let it roll any old way.

    Hear hear!

    And moving along - what i was doing, to accompany the image of what i was wearing yesterday - dog park fun....

    So I finally had a moment of quiet during this crazy month, and took the pups to a park by the lake….


    Great place to socialize and catch up with old friends.....


    Hey! That's my toy!!!


    It looks like they're viscous, but they are just playing, mouthing each other reasonably gently!


    Our pups had eyes only for the squirrels….


    He spotted one!


    The wind picked up & it started to rain again


    So we called it a day


  7. The smoke photos are great - the one at the top of the page is still my fave. Now I wanna try it :)

    A few from the weekend




    Edit: kapow - site is good. Loads fast, easy to navigate. I like the format!

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