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  1. also not a tennis fan either, but this is coming from someone who never liked best coast so i guess that invalidates my opinion.


    haha, I actually like Best Coast well enough. It's popular to h8 on her nowadays, but everything she made pre-album was pretty great.

    There is no new music. 2011 is pretty boring so far imho.

    Been listening a lot to this recently though:


  2. Drinking coffee from Gimme beans I bought at whole foods right now because I was lazy, but I usually buy mine from Grumpy. I should probably try Stumptown's sometime. I like them a lot but I haven't bought coffee from them. I like that they give you a free coffee when you buy the beans.

    Haven't been to blue bottle in a minute, but do they sell beans there? I remember the iced coffee I got from them last summer as being my favorite iced coffee of all time ever. Would buy those beans right away if they sold em there (even though it's also due to all dem fancy coffee stuff they have as well, but mehhhhh.

  3. to clarify: im sorry you spent $30 on the db burger.

    but it's alright. I bought it also. mostly to buy a $30 burger. i want to say it's one of the worst offenders of the haute burger trend.

  4. tbh, i've only heard a random smattering of their songs here and there, but my opinion mostly comes from seeing them live last august right after they started getting pretty hyped. And they blew, so i haven't bothered to give them much of a chance since it's not like their songs really grabbed me either.

    speaking of other boring female fronted hype-ish bands, widowspeak sucks. I can't believe captured tracks is pushing them.

  5. went to brindle room sunday. burger was great. First dry-aged prime rib burger I've had and I can understand the hype. Bun was burnt though, and that was kinda unpleasant.

    RUB's monday burgers are still my favorite though. Crust on that thing is unbelievable. Special burgers are usually pretty fun also.

    smashed > pub style > grilled in terms of burger preference.

  6. mannn, im still down with the fit. It's just the orange that's throwing everyone off.

    The proportions aren't even horrible. If it were a black wave test, no one would notice. Granted, maybe the jacket could have been longer, so the sweater doesn't extend so far, but I think the colors work together and northface over raf is dope.

    fuck brand synergy

  7. Here are my favorites-- the album's that i'll probably keep in rotation and the artists/bands I'll definitely keep an eye out for while checking shows

    Titus Andronicus – The Monitor

    These New Puritans – Hidden

    Young Prisms – Friends for Now [Jan ’11, but they sold it on their tour so..]

    Nice Face – Immer Etwas

    Weekend – Sports

    Los Campesinos! – Romance is Boring

    Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest

    Millipede - Full Bloom

    Here are some EPs I thought were pretty great:

    Double Dagger - Masks

    Zola Jesus - Valusia

    Girls - Broken Dreams Club

    Here are some albums I thought were close to being topz, but aren't, but would still like to commend:

    Wild Nothing - Gemini

    Abe Vigoda - Crush

    Big Troubles - Worry

    Magic Kids - Memphis

    No Age - Everything in Between

  8. All that talk about Infinite Jest has gotten me more interested. Will def check out sometime in the near future.

    Anyways, about 2/3rds of the way done with "A Wild Sheep Chase" and it's pretty interesting contrasting it with "Kafka on the Shore" since that was the last Murakami novel I'd read (Yeah, weird way to go around his bibliography, probably gonna start reading them chronologically after this). The writing definitely changes, and his characterization certainly improves, but you can also see some aspects of the story or characters being carried over from Sheep Chase to the others.

    Also just finished "The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea" and it's probably the most enjoyable Mishima novel I've read so far, which is pretty good for me, since before this, I'd just finished "Temple of Dawn" before getting around to this and it's probably my least favorite from what I've read from him. It just didn't work as well as "Spring Snow" or "Runaway Horses" for me. Will need to read again though as the whole philosophy section was just dense (and really slowed down the pace a lot). But the Sailor Who Fell From Grace was great. I loved the tension in the last chapter. Really have to think about how the story works with Mishima's overarching beliefs though, since the most surface level reading of it is much more chilling than even the depictions of "purity" in Runaway Horses. It might just be Mishima's way of questioning himself. Dunno. Also deserves another read through sometime.

    After Sheep Chase, I've borrowed Lolita and No Exit from my schools library, so I'll be getting around to that soon enough.

  9. Decided to do short write ups for my top 3. Just to keep it in line with last year's list.

    A Place to Bury Strangers – Exploding Head

    My favorite album this year. While it really isn't the most original album released this year, or even on my list (I don't think anyone can seriously say that APtBS are doing anything new at all), I think it's the most accomplished. The way they use sounds and dynamics in their songs is above pretty much everything I've heard this year and their songwriting has just vastly improved since their first album. Just listen to that intro in Everything Always Goes Wrong. Fucking brilliant. It also helps that it's one of the more badass releases this year. I also really like how incredibly cheesy it gets sometimes, has to be tongue-in-cheek. If not, it's still really endearing haha.

    Intelligence – Fake Surfers

    This was really close to being number one. It actually was for a while but I kept on switching it on and off with the Strangers album and eventually decided to keep it like this. Still really amazing. I'm a bit biased towards anything on the noisy/garage-y/pop-y end of the spectrum, and out of all the myriad noise pop/psych garage/lo-fi pop bands that are coming up all over the place these days, The Intelligence have to be the best of them. Brilliant pop hooks and genre-spanning like hell. Can't get bored of Fake Surfers.

    Dan Deacon – Bromst

    This was actually pretty low on my list even though I really liked it a lot earlier this year. Was probably in the 20s or 30s when I started rearranging everything again earlier this month, but after listening to it again, I had to put it much, much higher. What a great album. Like, it's definitely not as "raw" maybe as his earlier work, but like the Strangers album, the composition is amazing. More than that, it's fun as hell live. Probably one of the most uplifting albums for me this year.

    The rest of the top 15, which will definitely switch around a lot:

    Antlers – Hospice

    Former Ghosts – Fleurs

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz!

    Wavves – Wavvves

    Double Dagger – More

    The Horrors – Primary Colours

    Zola Jesus – The Spoils

    Real Estate – S/T

    Woods – Songs of Shame

    Screaming Females – Power Move

    The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – S/T

    TV Ghost – Cold Fish

  10. lol homi, I'm gonna run into you wearing my ro bomber while wearing grey jeans and ridiculously high top sneakers (dbss) while you're wearing your ro bomber and wearing grey jeans and ridiculously high top sneakers (ro) and it's gonna be kinda funny and awkward. GOOD LOOKS EVERYONE.

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