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  1. i've always wanted a jacket like that, old helmut had something similar on some older pieces if i remember correctly, looks so dope & perfect for those freezing nights where you want to hit the club and not carry some big ass jacket round but can just rock it on your back and still be steezin.

  2. I'm always so conflicted on creepers, on one hand i got this almost irrational love for them, but logically know 99% look wack in outfits. They need to be super subtle and to me those fall 09 jil's are the epitome of what i'd want in a creeper; but i've never come across them at a decent cost in my size.

    Bottega veneta also look like a nice shape just not so hyped on the contrast sole.

    Vamp's Mcnairys look real nice obv, but i dunno if i really consider them a creeper, but then again haven't really scoped irl. (where did you cop those anyway?)

    Also i see those Belly Buttons i posted a few pages back; i don't really know what i was thinking, i'm pretty sure i was on some 90's fruits trip and thought i could pull them off, i copped some when i was basically drunk in tokyo and thought they looked hot, i think i wore them like twice before all i could do was look at myself in them and smh.

    ahhh creepers.

  3. she did was freaking out about the pens on my desk. she can't stand pens that have the cap on or she'll want to remove the cap.

    Sounds like you got a broken bitch freecat. Thats nice, they are always good times.

  4. I went to high school with Andrej Pejic, he was a couple of years below me but i remember being at some party once (mad wasted) and seeing his tall head sticking out a crowd, makeuped the fuck out and thinking it was some bomb ass euro babe. Kept seeing him throughout the night and thinking who is this fly beezy? Till i realized the next morning looking through photos of the party it was him....

  5. 2yvpcb7.jpg

    Made this like a week ago though but i tried to post the pic i made today and it didn't work, more stuff like this my blog which linked in my sig. Just fucking around in photoshop while i am holidays from uni.

    this is my 'real' design work, but i dislike most of it. Trying to let my personal aesthetic or style evolve through the type of stuff i am doing on spanus iros.

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