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  1. Anton

    Hair Thread

    Echoepidiamonds asked me to post this shit. Fuck the Hair Products thread so here it is MASS. Dry shampoo takes the oil out of your hair without getting it wet. It's for days you don't shower/shampoo you're hair. I just got some, it works, it's an interesting effect. Lemme gives you a bottle quote: "Based on nettle extract,which controls the appearance of oil produced by sebaceous glands, natural polysaccharides, micronised powders with a very powerful oil-absorbing capacity, and cyclodextrins, this dry shampoo absorbs excess sebum and allows you to wash hair[ with liquid shampoo less often] in the case of greasy or very greasy hair. The hair regains volume and lightness in just [a few] minutes. Hypoallergenic" So, I fucking used it on my greasy ass hair, then I brushed it (with a comb, cause if I had a brush... shit) out and then my hair was less shiny, and had more volume. Feels good too, none of that "too clean" shit.
  2. Anton

    What are you listening at right now

    Ghislain Poirier and earlier, The Field. FUCK ALBUM ART
  3. Anton


  4. Anton

    who here is drunk?

    Vodka with my dad.. coooolest. Don't tell Diamonds.
  5. Anton

    Dirty Dozen +1 (Around the world...)

    Send that food to me. Or send who made it.
  6. Anton

    What are you listening at right now

    Laurie Anderson Ivor Cutler Man Man Girl Talk Kroumata Percussion Ensemble 1/2
  7. Anton

    WAYWT shit talking thread

    her chest size changes.
  8. Anton

    Supergay Ways of Asking Someone to Prom Night '08

    You Wouldn't Be Here Without My 99 Bitch. Don't You Ever Forget It!
  9. Anton

    Canada Or America Poll!!!!!

  10. Anton

    Supergay Ways of Asking Someone to Prom Night '08

    Fucking liar, getting someone for prom in boyworld [- nohomo] is more serious buisness than girls is. Steps the. 2. say: "Hay probably femal person, do you happen to know what my jeans be died with ancient madder die." 1. before response, utter: "Have prom date been asked of you?" 4. say: "I want not serious girl/boy prom, you go with me and we blow off if when gay becomes it." ♀.saaay: "Do can we play mario pikatchy bowling on my nintendo, numchik, it vibrates." Or do what I did for diamonds. 1. Hey, wanna both take girls to prom then meet in washroom for night of loud screaming anal and 'make-outs'? 2. High-five.
  11. 200 I'd take them to the zoo.
  12. Anton

    WAYWT shit talking thread

    worst camera work ever, fire your photographer. HATE HATE HATE HATE Diamons looks fat.
  13. Anton

    Canada Or America Poll!!!!!

    Bamp (0) charten
  14. Anton

    waywt? saved my life

    THen who it was? my jean?