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  1. he drank it too, like its so bad like if you fill up the whole sink, you can acutally like yellow particles, thats why the have a water service like arrowhead over here and drink water from bottles, rule number one was not to drink tap water, the chinese dont even do it, and my fucking friends fills up a whole nalgene bottle.

  2. when you quit you quit with revenge, like cuz wen you quit you already lost to her, so when you quit fuck up her car or something. sidewall all of her tires come up from behind her and put a brick to her face. show the bitch whats up

  3. Someone taking a kitchen knife and stabbing you in the stomach with it..then twisting the knife while its still embedded

    That's what cramps feel like, at best

    At worst it brings you to your knees

    Also when you're at an expensive buffet and you try to get your moneys worth by eating as much as you can and end up super satuated...

    not even close, when i was in china my buddy took filled my nalgene water bottle with tap water. we both drank the water, so we were chilling and my friend started getting cramps and he was all over the floor. i was like wtf, so we stopped at a small chinese clinic and they immediately took a long unsterilized needle and wanted to inject him with some shit, i was like hell naw. so we took a cab back to ningbo when i started to feel the pain myself then it hit with all its force. its like zeus sticking his whole hand in my stomach grabbing whatevers in there and started twisting. we both got injections of like 500cc antibiotics or something and we laid down and went fast to sleep. woke up and didnt feel anymore pain, i would give up my entire denim collection and my cycles to not go through that shit again

  4. n1088280223_30363561_6756.jpg

    local news. less than a 2months ago.

    yea, but i am thinking that these triangle shapes are creations by our foverment,

    because I have been reading on sightings of these shapes. they tend to have a steady

    pace or not but more of a steady pace. the most famous sighting was when a police

    officer sighted one and he chased it with his car and actually radio other officers in

    which they also saw the trinagle shaped craft and gave in to the chase, but the craft just

    disappeared. though the movements of such does not to include such power as seen

    with saucers. or it could be that the extraterrestials like us, some have fast ass cars and

    some have slow ass cars, so that couldve been a poor extraterrestial going sight

    seeing, but i think its more of a military craft. kitae shaped crafts have entirely bullshit

    resistance and i do not think it will be able to go throughout space like that

  5. when driving home from san diego today i just had a thought, if my test does come out positive for liver cancer, ill just get like a big loan and say im buying a house, then ill use that money to climb mount everest or something, but the question is, since i know im gonna die and still get that loan, will i go to hell for it?:confused:

  6. nah... read what he said again. kind of an unecessary statement, but yeah... couldn't a non-living object also be a UFO though?

    isnt a craft a non living object? electro magnetic coils are not exactly livivng things either, what non0living things are you talking about?

    I wonder how they are able to even remain conscious moving at such speeds with their big heads. . I don't recall what it was related to but whatever UFO craft is made of acts as a portable black hole - I'm probably entirely off.

    hence the vaccum effect that a black hole has, not entirely off subject

  7. wait, is this just relating to my ufo thread? if its hard of understanding, then dont try to understand it, so simple

    and my liver? leave my liver out of this shit, im at a point where im pretty much dont give a shit, i dont have much of a choice, if i do come up with positive i suggest people not to fuck with me

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