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  1. -Paypal only.

    -Prices are in U.S. Dollars

    -U.S. shipping is included in price.

    -For international shipping, please PM me so I can give you a quote.

    -Prices are firm but don't feel discouraged to negotiate.

    -All are 100% authentic.

    Here we go...

    A. Three Supreme Tees. All are size medium and have been worn but no tears, stains, and odors.

    1. "They Hate Us We Hate Them." Washed once.

    2. "Deny Everything." Washed twice.

    3. "Satan Tee." Washed thrice.


    B. Stussy A/W 06 Argyle Skulls Tee Size M. Worn about ten times, washed five times. There is a white spot on the lower right side on the front.


    C. North Face Pouch. A friend gave it to me. It's only for the Japanese market, I assume. Measurements are 3"x6"x4 1/2". 100% Nylon. No stains, wear-and-tear, or holes. SOLD!

    D. H&M Divided Shirt. Size M. Washed twice. No holes, stains, or tears. Was not really my style. SOLD!

    More coming soon... possibly.

  2. I went at 11:30 this morning. No lines to get in but it was somewhat busy inside. I picked up a black backpack, a red puffy keychain(they said it was the last one), and a blue/yellow line black camp hat.

    Some stuff I saw at a VERY quick glance:

    -Various stickers(various plaid style box logos, "make your own Supreme shirt")

    -Supreme Skateboard wheels $30/set

    -Puffy Keychains $6

    -Urist Skate Wheel $380 (or $360)

    If anyone is interested, the dimensions for the backpack are 55cmx35cmx10cm but I think it's a lot more taller since the display one was stuffed to the extreme.

  3. The only things that caught my eye are the flannel shirt, check camp hat, and the Maglite for the WTF factor. I wonder how the backpacks and T-shirts will turn out...

    There's a possibility that I might stop by the LA store on Friday on the 7th... maybe.

  4. Yesterday night:

    Went over to my friend's place.

    Played Arkham Horror with one of the expansion sets.

    Took a WAYWT picture at Boeing.


    Bought a lens filter and some wine for my parents.

    Mowed the lawn.

    Played some Final Fantasy XII.

  5. My passion for gaming has died down but I'm trying to ge back into it. I recently finished both God of War games within a week, currently trying to play Final Fantasy 12, and I just ordered Shenmue 2. I casually play Battlefield 2142 once in a while.

    Six months ago, I was playing SF 3: 3rd Strike against my brother a lot but it died down. A few years ago I was into Soul Calibur 2; I would beat most of the people in the arcades but the arcade scene started to die down so it stopped. At the height of playing fighting games, my brother and I decided to check out the Evolution fighting game tournament in Las Vegas to check out what's up with it. When we got there, there were lines of televisions, hundreds and thousands of people packed in a room, and lots of B.O. It was too hardcore for us, we played a couple of 3rd Strike matches, and lost... we knew where we stood among everyone.

    Back in the day, we would go to Camelot Golfland near Fullerton, Family Fun Arcade (not so "family" there) in Van Nuys, and Arcade Infinity in Rowland Heights just to watch the top 3rd Strike players play and watch their tactics.

    I never really got into Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Actually, I didn't like the game because the scene in my area consisted of players using cheap characters (Magneto, Storm, Cable... any Marvel character), using tactics that involved infinite combos, and boring matches that only left the losing player constantly blocking during the entire duration.

    Anyone heard of the documentary, Bang the Machine? It documents the Street Fighter arcade scene and follows Team USA's match against Team Japan. They showed it when I went to Evolution and I laughed my ass off when the members of Team USA were in some drama about one of the members bringing the mood down of the entire team.

  6. No, I don't like to list clothing items, people sometimes have preconcieved notions about certain brands and think it'll make or break a fit. A couple of people have mistaken the branding of a particular pair of jeans that I wear most of the time I wear in my WAYWT pics.

    I feel the same way about this statement too. I met mrip a couple of times and he thought I was wearing A.P.C. raw jeans but they were Uniqlo raw denim. I don't like listing what I wear for the same reasons as un- mentioned but if someone asks what I wore, then I'll tell him/her.

    If I'm in the mood, I'll do a WAYWT picture but the camera I have right now, which is an Olympus Stylus 410, does not really do what I want it to do in terms of taking clear night shots. I'm looking into getting a Canon Digital Rebel XTI and once I get that, I'll take more WAYWT pictures. I either place my camera on top of my car or use a small tabletop tripod to take my pictures. The pictures I've taken so far don't reflect my mood.

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