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  1. Dear Mom and Dad,

    Thank you for paying for my credit card bills for the past four months. Although you disagree with what I purchased and are irritated in transferring money from my account to yours, the fact that you actually do it and put up no fuss really amazes me.

    Because of this, I will pay cash from now on 95% of the time.

    BTW, please ask my older brother how did he afford to go to Anime Expo when he hasn't had a job for almost two years.



  2. Dear Older Brother,

    Get off your ass.

    Stop sending me 4chan comics.

    Stop jacking off to hentai.

    Your girlfriend broke up with you cuz you got no ambition, goals, or motivation.

    That graphic design job (or any job) won't come to you unless you look.

    Your resume sucks.

    Your art portfolio sucks.

    You're ugly.

    At least you got parents who take care of you and put up with your crap acting like a baby.



  3. I just got a rejection letter from Saison Credit. Tried to apply for a Visa card through Softbank.

    What kind of credit cards you guys recommend that are easy to get? I keep on hearing that the only way you can get a card is if you have stable income for many years or are married to a Japanese person.

    It's weird paying in cash for big tickets things. I'm just used to paying for things by card.

    Gonna try to apply for department store credit cards in Tokyo this weekend and do some shopping.

  4. Can anyone recommend a Japanese credit card? Thinking of getting a JP Bank Visa credit card only because I have an account with ゆうちょ銀行 and I think it's convenient .

    Also, what's up with the 支払い thing and spreading out your payments? My friend says that you can spread out your payments x amount of times and don't have to pay interest but another source says you have pay interest unless you pay one time.

  5. -Paypal only

    -Listed prices include shipping in United States

    -PM for international shipping estimates

    Getting rid of some stuff before I move to Japan.

    1. Supreme 23rd Black Backpack ($150)- Excellent condition. There are some white stains from sunscreen which are barely visible. Small scratches on the metal buckles. No holes, scuffing, rips, etc.


    2. Supreme Hats ($40 each)- Excellent condition. No stains, rips, weird smells, etc.


    Thank you.

  6. I got to the Beverly Center at 9:15am and as I parked my car, I saw a lone Asian guy with eight large bags full of stuff. I was thinking, "Cleaned out."

    When I got to the store mens was cleaned out and there were two racks of womens black and white collared shirts. People were hovering like vultures over the empty racks and when an SA returned a shirt or sweater and placed it on the rack, people would grab it even before it left the SA's hand.

  7. What accessories are you picking up? Aren't the wallets almost normal cdg wallet prices and the scarves just plain scarves? I mean, if you're not gonna get some drop crotch shit, lolita dress, patchwork shirts, or slash suits (if pants fit cool and semi-baggy tapered), then i dunno, may as well buy h&m scarves.

    Scarf, if the quality is decent and maybe the black lace-ups if the sole is of good quality and the shape is narrow.

    From what I've seen, CdG wallets usually start at $200 depending on the size but some can be had for half retail price if there are sales on those things.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342