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  1. Anyone know of a car rental company that rents out import (non-jap) cars in Tokyo? Tired of driving my kei and I want to test drive something else, don't care if it's American, European, big, or small.

    I got a Japanese driver's license but no Japanese credit card, if they require it.

  2. Living north of Tokyo in Isesaki, Gunma-ken.

    Cheap living, easy to save money, and friendly people. But non existent nightlife and some people are not opened minded towards foreigners ("What? You can use chopsticks?"/"I thought Denny's was only in Japan."/"I thought sushi was only in Japan.). No pretty girls here, they all live in bigger cities :(

    At least I can go to Tokyo in an hour with ease.

  3. Cool city car for long leisure drives... I would get it if I mainly drive under 80 kpm but since it has 3 gears and I like to drive fast (100+ kph) so it's a no-go for me:(

    I drive a Suzuki Alto and if I go over 80 kph on that, it shakes and guzzles A LOT of gas.

    Was looking at this site for Minis http://quick.u-cars.bz/stock/ . Cheap relative to other shops and some include 2 years of shaken but I'm suspicious about the condition.

  4. Thinking about buying a car here.

    Divided on getting something practical (cheap-ass kei car) or getting something I can't get in the states and want to drive badly.

    Was looking into getting an old Mini Cooper, insurance is expensive (初心者 status) but they look really fun to drive.

  5. Anybody got any perspectives on the current state of english teaching specifically in Tokyo?

    Got my BA, just about to start a TEFL course, and hope to cop some teaching experience in ldn before making the jump early next year. I hear flooded and super tight job market - what are my chances of finding a half decent position somewhere?

    Talking about public schools, with the bad economy now and the government taking in less tax revenue, some schools are cutting back on English teaching or cutting it entirely. Sure, middle schools and high schools need to teach English, but they don't need a native speaker to assist the English teachers.

    As for teaching in Tokyo, it's going to be really hard to find a position since everyone wants to be there and non-native English speakers (Filipinos, Indians... basically people from non-white countries) are willing to work for less pay, making it more harder not to find a job but a good decent paying one. You would probably have to search hard, know people who can hook you up with the schools directly, or just be lucky. Again, this is all public schools.

    I don't know about the eikaiwa business that well so I can't say about that.

    If you want to increase your chances in finding a good paying job, you would have to search outside of Tokyo (Saitama, Gunma), be open to teach anyone from kids to adults, and to some extent, know some Japanese.

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