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  1. See Felix or Milspex's WAYWT for how to wear military cargo shorts. They have to be somewhat loose-fitting, ending at least at the knee, and never paired with collared tops (that means no polos).

    do you find that cargo pants even with a military-ish polo type shirt would be inappropriate?( military-ish being epaulettes, dual front chest pockets, etc)

    also, whats the opinion of camo in cargo pants/shorts?

  2. a quick question about the length of the 005s in regard to hemming-

    are these at all prone to stacking ala diors? would completely avoiding hemming on these even if one is quite short work out, particularly if the fit was tighter(similar to dior i should say, once again)

    or is heavy stacking not really an option?

  3. those mastermind logans are downright lovely, a pair of those in black would make me a happy man, though the price tag will surely be at least equivalent to the kiefer collab i assume, sadly..

    on a completely unrelated and only slightly relevant question(but here is as good a place as any), could someone outline the key differences between the christo island 2s and christo desert 2s? I know the islands have the more water-friendly footbed, but beyond that I am ignorant to the nuances that separate them

  4. Just got these from zozo, but theyre definitely too big for me, so selling

    they are black, size 27.5, exactly as seen here


    Ill put an amount of $175 shipped US just as a guideline, but feel free to make lower offers

    Yes I know they are less expensive on the website than that, but keep in mind proper exchange rates, proxy fees ~15%, paypal fees, and global express shipping rates


  5. no, but imma huge tool who likes to waste away my money on superficial shiet,

    just like the most of you guys.

    that's the whole point of this forum after all, isn't it?

    yep, but you just so happen to waste more money

    and im jealous:p

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