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  1. i dontknow if its best, prolly not cuz their lines are sometimes whack, but bodog is cool cuz u can play poker and take ur winnings rite over to sportsbook, or blackjack or wheerver. one stop shop, namssayin??!

    thanks much appreciated, I used to use empirepoker but now I'd rather have an all-in-one type deal like bodog

  2. can you tell me what is so dispicable about it, is it because i don't say what brands im wearing. give me some real reasons why im trash. instead of comparing all my fits to a joke i made.

    if I had to sum it up in one word, it would be "awkward". it's just something about the way you wear your clothes that makes me think that, the same way that "steez" is intangible and hard to explain. this last fit of yours, if the shirt was washed a couple times and looked relaxed on you instead of looking brand-new, it wouldn't be that bad at all. except for the shoes, coming from a white boy who loves sneakers, i just don't think you can pull them off. the only jordans i can legitamitely pull off are Is, IIIs, and IVs. anything else just looks goofy on me, and the same applies to you. your jeans are decent, they obviously aren't expensive raw denimz but at the same time they just look awkward, i would honestly prefer wearing american eagle jeans or something like that instead of those. sorry if this is mean or anything, i'm just trying to be level with you. i went through an awkward phase when i first got into the hypebeast thing, i'd match my new sbz to my new crooks n castles hoodie and shit like that. now i can look back and see that i looked like a fool, just try and dress more "comfortably" and you won't get ridiculed as much.

    example- this guy's shirt fits pretty good, see the difference? i don't really like the shirt, this is just an example of how a properly-fitted buttonup looks. hit up jcrew if you like basic buttonups, they fit me perfectly and i wear them to class all the time.


  3. can someone tell me the name of this beat:

    it says its blockhead - forest crunk but i dont think thats right

    also check out that new blockhead cd.its amazing.

    aesop rock- daylight

    that song brings back memories.

  4. If I was a cheapass who never went out, and never spotted my friends for anything, I could have like 10 Rick Owninz leather jackets

    Every sunday I tally up in my head how much I spent on cover charges to stupid bars and drinks in those stupid bars and realize that I could have gotten a new pair of jeans, or shoes, or something cool. But there's really nothing else to do in the city.

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