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  1. 4/20 EASTER SALE! BUY 2 ITEMS GET $10 OFF BUY 4 GET $20!!!!!!!!!!!





    PM me for any more pics it wouldnt let me put them in the post

    paypal address is [email protected]

    Supreme purple jersey sz L BNIB never taken out $150 shipped

    Supreme Babylon pullover hoody sz L tried on once never washed $150 shipped
    SSUR Empire State zip up hoody sz XL worn 4-5 times never washed $60 shipped

    The Hundreds pullover hoody sz L worn 9-10 times washed twice $40 shipped

    Diamond Supply Co crewneck sz L worn 4-5 times dry cleaned once $30 shipped

    Mishka Keep Watch camo tank sz XL (fits like L) tried on once never washed $25 shipped

    Diamond Supply Co tank sz L worn twice never washed $25 shipped

    SSUR x Black Scale ship t shirt sz L never worn $30 shipped

    Rogue Status x DTA Secured shirt sz L never worn $30 shipped

    The Hundreds Venus Fly Trap t shirt sz L never worn $25 shipped

    SSUR x Black Scale white skull t shirt sz L never worn $30 shipped

    The Hundreds MMJ shirt sz L worn twice dry cleaned once $30 shipped
    Supreme x Malcolm McLaren Duck Rock t shirt sz L worn 6-7 times washed twice $30 shipped

    The Hundreds coach jacket sz L zipper is broken $40 shipped

    Obey leather jacket/gray hoody thing sz XL (fits like L) worn once or twice $60 shipped

    Levis denim shirt sz L (a bit short) worn once or twice never washed $40 shipped

    Supreme Black President t shirt sz L worn 6-7 times washed three times $30 shipped

    HUF Fuck It! socks never opened/worn $15 shipped

    Supreme trooper hat worn many times $60 shipped

    HUF Dirtbag Crew beanie tried on once $20 shipped

    FUCT yellow beanie tried on once or twice $20 shipped creases will be ironed out

    Actual Pain beanie only worn a couple times but looks beat, fits really tight $15 shipped

    UNDFTD beanie worn a lot, looks kind of beat $10 shipped

    Supreme grey fitted sz 7¼ $20 shipped

    Supreme wool fitted sz 7 1/4 $20 shipped

    Supreme black fitted sz 7 1/4 $20 shipped

    Grassroots Clothing fitted sz 7 1/4 $20 shipped


  2. I'm also trying to find a new pair that has a wide waist but tapered below the knee, the apc x kanye jean would be ideal but they are out of the question (way too expensive). I've had everything from Triple Works to Flat Heads, Samurais, Sugar Canes, but nothing fit me better than my APC NS. I'm debating ordering a new pair and sizing up two in order to get the room in the waist that I need but I wanted to ask here first in case anybody knows of a pair that fits similar to NS but more like the kanye jeans.

  3. random shit' date=' whats the farthest u guys have driven to pick up?

    im dry as fuck but so lazy dont feel like driving 20 mins :([/quote']

    I'm almost never dry but when I do have to pick up it's still a 20 min drive. That's across town, I've driven further back when I was desperate but now I'm steady :cool:

  4. me and two of my friends hotboxed a shower that was pretty much the smallest shower unit you can imagine but with a tightly sealed door except for the top, which we duct-taped shut except for a small hole for a straw (for added smoke from two other tokers)

    the point is a. I got superstoned and b. we had the same exact conversation about videotaping people when they're stoned because so many interesting things come up

  5. So I've got a 3 hour flight tomorrow, I want to whip up some brownies tonight but I only have 3 grams. To the peeps in this thread who've made edibles before, should I dump all of it in to whatever I'm making and then divide it into 3 parts, or should I divide it up even more? I'm a seasoned smoker (read: every day) so I don't want to pussy out on how much I put in each brownie.

  6. Is it even worth going to sleep if you've stayed up so late you have to wake up in 2 hours? I'm debating that with myself right now, I can't tell if I should attempt a power nap and then take my last add or just take it now and spend the next 2 hours awake.

  7. guys guys guys

    I think it was just an accident or something, even if they were faking you'd think they would know enough to plug it in. I'd bet on it being a lucky picture taken when it happened to be unplugged. Anybody here ever seen Justice play live up close?

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