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  1. ^true vamp, but as you know the rout that a genre makes into its sub-genre branches i think its an interesting one this so called "trap" thats why i made this thread to hear some different styles as not all "trap" sounds the same. Trap is southern rap it always has been and i think its funny they call this neew style of music trap when it really is not. It should be called Dance Music DJ's emulating trap into their styles of music but i think some of it actually sounds good. I guess u have to listen to this from a different prospective. A lot of people only listen to a handful of particular genre of music limiting themselves to appreciate the artistic side of music. Listen to some songs from John Frusciante. A lot of people would thik wtf is this shit?! They come at his songs expecting it to be radio friendly or pop or even somewhat fit into a certain genre never appreciating the song for its artistic side. One of the greatest guitarists ever lived in my opinion btw.

    this is so full of gems I can't even hate on you breh.

    you're stupid as shit but I fux w/ you for this one.

  2. ^^yo bruh I am really feeling the tracks you've been sharing lately. funny that we're on such similar path dating way back and I just hope you stick with it because your shit is dope and you should know that. B.L.E.S.S.

    on a completely different note, I did a DEM FRANCHIZE BOYZ remix for fun.. lemme know what you think. haven't been active in here because I have mad shit saved for secrete and not so secrete projects coming out in October. I'll share more shit in the coming weeks though fsho.


  3. I'd give The Hunter 2.5 / 5

    I've been sick the past couple days watching lots of movies, and this one intrigued me as I really like Willem Dafoe. It was a passable movie only because of the cinematography and location. The whole plot seemed phoned in, and I kept expecting tensions to rise when they never did. Not to say that I wanted this to be a Willem Dafoe action movie where there's tons of action scenes or anything, but I expected a little bit more drama/calamity than was provided. That said the cinematography was truly great and showcased the beauty of Tasmania, and it was cool to see Sam Neill again as I don't think I've seen him any other movie but Jurassic Park. Decent on the first watch, but definitely not something I'd choose to watch again.

  4. I went to see a movie earlier today with a friend. We were among the first people in the theater and it was empty, plenty of seats.

    Several minutes later, a father and son sat directly behind us, the father behind me. Prior to the start of the movie, he tapped my shoulder and asked me to please take off my hat as it was blocking "the frame." Granted my hat was cocked up slightly, but it was his choice to sit directly behind me in an empty theater.

    When he tapped me, I was somewhat startled and asked, "what's that?" ...unable to process his request. He repeated what he said and then I said something to the effect of, "blah blah blah it was your choice to sit directly behind me in an empty theater" and told him I would not take off my hat but simply lower it. We went back and forth for a bit -- and he was cordial -- but i almost felt like larry david for a minute having to defend myself against what i perceived (and still do) as a stupid request.

    why not simply move seats in an empty theater if the view and/or person in front of you is not to your liking?

    look out for the nose breathe broe

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