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  1. start with eating some pickles, the saltyness is good for you and it will make your mouth less shitty tasting. take 3 advils

    move onto toast with butter, eat it slow

    drink a glass of water. then change to tea (iced or hot) for the rest of the day

    take your drunk shit. take a shower (it helps)

    take a nap

    done and ready for more booze!

  2. you can buy most any military cord decorations pre-made at any true fabric store. they are usually under a glass case with the lace not because they are pricey, they just are usually kept there.

    any of that shit that was on DH jackets that looks like cadets or band leaders can be found there.

    p.s. see my post in the thread about jimi hendrix

  3. go to savers, salvation army, etc. get a pair of womens pants or denim, the old kind with the higher waist and peg leg, there should be lots. try them on, they will most likely have stretch and you're a skinny dude, so you can fit small. then just take the leg in from the thigh to the pegged ankle.

    levis makes a high waisted denim for girls that is pretty unisex and non fupa in design. its under their E line or whatever, on their website. looks similar to a77 joey overdrives in denim color, my gf has them.

    or, if you have a little more money, why not go to a tailor and have them make you some cotton pants to your specs. might as well. its always cheaper when you get a few, so get your cut and multiple colors.

  4. what is the difference between "joey blue colordrive" and "joey blue rodeo"

    i have the colordrives... they look the same.

    and WHAT THE HELL are these hilarious fakes on ebay?!

    are people actually buying these?




    and those arent even the worst ones

  5. 1. blouses - via a women's thrift store section. savers, salvation army. etc.

    2. vests - via a womens thrift store.

    3. jackets - via ebay. search marching band outfits, costumes, cadet jackets, cadet coats, admiral jackets. civil war revivalist costumes

    3. boots - via ebay. search for mod boots. you'll find tons

    4. accessories - antique stores, usually in the front by the clerk. garage sales, estate sales. grandma jewelry and lots of it.

    FYI cheap gotho hot topic companies make this gear in black on black for your local fat kid trying his best at my chemical romance. search for the brand tripp

  6. I read the other dubai threads, mostly little trips and people talking who havent been there.

    Has anyone stayed there for longer than a week? Does anyone work there currently? Has anyone worked there?

    I am trying to get together a proposal for a fellowship there, but I just want to ask.

  7. i figured someone might be able to help me

    i shot a fashion show with a DVX100A and a Sony VX2000, i manned the DVX and had the VX2000 slaved at the end of runway.

    anyway, i get tape errors when logging into Final Cut, where it says something might be wrong with the tape, so i tried another tape shot on the second walk and it does it too.

    i tried a different deck, same problem.

    so im creeping through the footage storing it error by error and i notice that the drop out error happens whenever the photographer behind the camera fires his flash. there is no wash out, but i think he was using a wireless flash, could the wireless signal be causing this? does the VX2000 not like flashes?

    There was no effect of this on the DVX100A

    anyone know whats up?



    this was deleted from reg thread, but this is outside my friends house and my house is 3 away. this is my path daily, where you be hiding worm and why dont you hang with me.

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