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    Anybody know if there are retailers out in Paris or anywhere in Italy? I don't know what happened to the retailer listings on their old site & they never replied to my email.
  2. jks

    Acronym SS-J16 jacket

    fs: Brand New never worn Acronym SS-J16 jacket. Just like the one in the fist 2 pics below except in all black. Size Large. More details about it here: http://www.firmament...ell_jacket.html SOLD!
  3. Have never used a proxy service before until now. I contacted 2 Japanese proxy services. I was hunting down an item that I could not find a website that had my size in stock, so I asked if they could perhaps try to help me find it. Sutocorp was the one who got back to me with a link to the search results of the auction site with my item listed in the results. I took a risk & paypaled 80,000 yen (over $850) to bid on the auction. I won the auction at the base price & got the item a week & a half later. Sutocorp returned the rest of my money that wasn't used back to my paypal. The whole time during all these transactions, they were very professional & prompt in replying/answering emails. I will definitely use them again if I need to get other things in the future from Japan.
  4. jks

    REI's return policy?

    My gf has returned so many things there, both her stuff & mine. All the stuff has been tested & used. She never brings the receipt because they've got a record of everything you've purchased on the computer as long as it was done so with the co-op member number. She always purchases with her cc & they always return it back to the card. So if you paid cash, I'm assuming they'll give you cash back. Call & ask them.
  5. jks

    Dior Homme Denim

    Just out of curiosity, do the MIJ silver selvedges ever go on sale at the end of the season? Or does it not since it's a staple item?
  6. jks


    Well it doesn't exactly answer my simple question. Quite frankly I don't give a damn about your opinions regarding the site or Prada shoes since it's subjective anyways. So maybe some of you supersnootys could direct me to the right forum to ask such questions.
  7. jks


    Is this place legit?
  8. jks

    Outlets in Hong Kong

    Going to be heading up there next month. I wanted to know if anybody could recommend any outlets for cheaper previous season stuff. I'm specifically looking for RMC & Evisu denims and Y-3 clothes. Also, any recommendations for cool denim places in addition to 1001 Originals & Take 5? Thanks.
  9. jks

    RMC in Los Angeles

    Yeah I called some places in HK, but none of them ship out.
  10. jks

    RMC in Los Angeles

    Anybody know where they sell RMC Martin Ksohoh in LA? I had a friend in HK look for some particular designs & the person at one of the 1001 Originals mentioned those particular designs are only available in the US such as NY & LA. I've called Barracuda, Kitson, Lisa Klein, Maxfield, Barney's, Fred Segal, etc. Nobody carries any RMC.