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  1. am almost the same as you bryan. im in the uk on o2 and currently have a 3gs but fancy an android. was looking at either the galaxy s, the htc desire hd or maybe the nexus s.

    anyone got any opinions? do you android users recommend the system?

  2. I haven't seen the ones you are talking about but I have Skye, as does coleslawyum, I have sandown and I bought snowdon for my old man. The islay looks bloody nice, a bit more country than my Skye with the grained leather and dainite sole.

    hi fresco, i love the skye! wish it came with a rubber sole as standard and i would be all over it. youre right the islay does look nice and am seriously tempted. i was thinking about getting some of the kudu indy boots from leather soul but now im not sure what to do.. should i ship something all the way over here when i have some great boots at my doorstep? you had some indys didnt you, how do they compare to c&j?

    pic of islay


    islay can be seen here in the latest catalogue next to your skye. the lewis is a suede boot with a side zip and it pictured next to your dads snowdon. i was told it is the first zip up boot they have done.


  3. thanks. i like the shape of the rm compared to most chelsea boots out there and what i have seen and read of the quality they look nice. perhaps more casual in style than say a c&j chelsea 5 which i was also looking at.

    i guess i asked about trickers as they seem to be a bit of a fad on here in recent times, plus the vibram sole etc. present/the bureau both do a combo which look smart as an option.

    ideally i want a casual looking, decent quality, comfortable boot and maybe the rm might be the better choice?

  4. after seeing the england game and highlights of the usa game, you have to say that they were both excellent excitng matches. i am a bit gutted we didnt top the group cos i believe it will be an easier route through the latter stages, but the usa were excellent today and fully deserve what they achieved. congrats and good luck.

  5. oh, well it only got released here today. havent really checked much out, but it comes with changeable background pics and i know you can make folders of apps and silly things like gps tag pics etc. no idea on anything else. supposed to be able to multitask on 3gs and 4?

    seems mostly to be an attempt to personalise your phone to suit your needs.

  6. this is pretty much what i do every turn

    60% of the time if something sounds like a word it is

    except right now when i'm holding AAAIIOU


    dum I still can't challenge you, what are you on some next level gaming tip?

    AALII is a word if you can find an L ;)

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