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  1. tell me about it. the first three volumes came out every two years or so which is pretty reasonable considering how big and in depth they are, then the fourth book took five fucking years and this next one six! i mean, wtf?

    all he ever says is that it took tolkien 20 years or something to finish his books. im sure tv will wait for him :)

  2. i have read all the books so far and although the show prob isnt as gritty as i had imagined in my mind it is still pretty good.

    one thing i would say to anyone who wants to read the series however is, be prewarned that george rr martin is a total fuckwit who seems to be more interested in conventions, tv shows, role playing games etc than actually writing the story (which could be excellent). i think i have been waiting the best part of ten years in total for the "next" edition.

  3. been trying to change my password on psn, but because i cant remember my old one i am having to reset. however none of the reset emails have been coming through.. and then today i read that microsoft (i have a hotmail account) have been blocking emails from sony!

    mother fuckers.

  4. i dont think the gsp fight wouldnt have gone the distance if he hadnt have injured his eye. the first two rounds he dominated it and even joe said that shields looked bewildered. however, after that he did become ever more predictable in his striking etc as the fight developed. that over hand right made him look like an amateur, and i think shields was able to counter more easily. he still was too much for anything that shields could bring, which in itself shows his level of ability.

  5. my first time i was an inspector, the second i was a counselor. i believe both to be true depending on how my mood is at that moment. i also believe that i have grown into the differing roles as i have aged and my outlook and lifestyle have developed.

    it says i am therefore a cross between the queen of england and ghandi. well we all like to wear dresses so i reckon its spot on!

  6. ^i just took the test.

    i got SWAG.

    what kind of personality is that

    im not sure but i could take a scientific wild-assed guess...

    i believe a person with your personality likes to receive free items whenever possible, at say a trade fair or function. you like to carry yourself with confidence, both in your style and in your demeanor.

    you like to do things which will increase your level of swag, however, you may be prone to following the latest trends and sayings, which, although at the time may make you feel like you are improving your level of swag, are in fact totally detrimental to said level and longstanding personality trait.

    if you are not careful you can easily turn from SWAG to SHEEP. ;)

  7. isnt it frustrating how some bigger companies feel that they can abuse their status by paying their employees less? unless of course they are spending large amounts on training.

    my brother just had this same dilemma but further along in his career. he could have stayed with a smaller company who really looked after him and paid a decent amount, but instead he decided to take a lesser salary and work for a high end company, where should he do well, will allow for much higher future earnings and career gain.

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