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  1. my experience of vintage sufu was mainly one of viewing, but for me people seemed so much funnier then, with great characters who came with a sense of innocence and exploration which culminated in the infamous meet ups.

    begs was my favourite poster and one of the most hilarious and talented contributors to that time period. i liked englands beefs and think jane is much funnier than she gets credit for.

  2. the thing that makes me happiest with the tv show is that at a season (book) a year means that sooner rather than later they will catch up with the books and that will mean martin has to get off his ass and get writing.

  3. cant wait til next week to see the finale. ive never read any of the books or whatever, so is everyone infected already? are we going to look into how the whole thing started?

    also looking forward to southland finale next week too!

  4. just a quick question. i have recently bought an android phone for the first time and noticed when trying to install apps that they all ask for permission of some kind, from accessing phone calls to contacts or whatever. wtf is this? i dont want some random company or person being able to do what they like with my phone and information.

    any help would be great because im seriously thinking of sending it back because of this. thanks.

  5. i was thinking about picking up a pair of new standards, if i just want a regular fit, do i still need to size down because of stretching or will my normal size be ok?


  6. this is no doubt ancient history on here by now, but i watched an episode of the bbc "perfume" series again last night, always fascinating to see the development stages. for those who want to watch and are able. im not sure if it will work if you are in a different region.


    "Jean Claude Ellena is in-house nose at French brand Hermes. We spend time with him in his studio in the woods, musing, sniffing and then creating a fragrance inspired by a secret garden. American Christopher Brosius is the Proust of perfume, a punk star with a mission to create scents that that can speak to us of times past - whether through the smell of tomato leaves or musty books. Jean Guichard is the principal of the Parisian school for noses. There are more astronauts than there are perfumers - so how does he spot the right stuff in students who may not be aware they have it?"

  7. you guys are doing a great job. i want to grow mine but can never get past about the three/four week period before trimming it back down to a long stubble. im not sure if im impatient or maybe i just cant handle the days when it aggravates my baby soft skin!

    keep up the good work.

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