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  1. Tiranis

    who here is drunk?

  2. Wish someone had the moleskin version in S/M. Great price, somebody buy this amazing jacket!
  3. I have that jacket (size small which fits like a 50), can't believe nobody has bought it — I constantly get compliments on mine.
  4. Tiranis

    Vancouver Meetup

    I'm sure that either Gravity Pope or Holt Renfrew carry them.
  5. Tiranis

    Gareth Pugh F/W 10.11 Paris

    To be honest, the men's portion of the show is bringing the whole thing a whole level down. He should just focus on women's because he has no clue about men's. Show one or two looks if you have to, but he just doesn't have more than that in him. The close-ups are ... problematic. I have a feeling this might turn out to be disappointing in stores — again.
  6. Tiranis

    Vancouver Meetup

    It might not be too expensive, but it's certainly not good value for what you get out of it. (availability, etc.)
  7. Tiranis

    Vancouver Meetup

    Edit: since Timber failed twice at posting her info, I'll help her.
  8. Tiranis

    Vancouver Meetup

    Funny, that's the same place (or at least it's in the same building and looks identical) I wanted to rent about 2-3 years back. Ended up buying another one though... (looked it up on craigslist)
  9. Tiranis

    Vancouver Meetup

    vancouver meetup wii-iiiiii!?
  10. Tiranis

    Vancouver Meetup

    This thread looks a little dead... as it's creator, that makes me sad.
  11. Tiranis

    Vancouver Meetup

    You a girl? If not, good luck with that...
  12. Tiranis

    Timber and Diamonds' West Coast Tour

    Me and Lindsay are around all the time if you ever want to hang out. Vancouver can get depressing with all the f***ing rain.
  13. Tiranis

    canada :: vancouver :: general

    So.Cial is pretty good, or Water Street Cafe (more pricy), Salt Tasting Room (probably one of the best and most unique), or Brioche Bakery (http://www.brioche.ca/).
  14. Tiranis

    yes or no? / this or that?

    Yes or no? Can't quite decide... the fit is great, the looks is great, the color... can't decide.
  15. Tiranis

    Timber and Diamonds' West Coast Tour

    where's the paaaaa'ty at? (oh, I thought I saw somebody wearing one of those Joy Division shirts today... sufu folk or just some random dude?)