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    Vancouver Meetup

    So, as I have suggested in another thread, I think Vancouver area members should have their own topic and eventually, perhaps, do a meetup around here. I'm not going to through out any ideas yet, because I just want to see how many people there are who would actually want to do this. So, if you're from vancouver, victoria, kelowna, seattle, or just feel like coming over to Vancouver to party with some supergays, post in this thread. Also, feel free to throw out any suggestions out here for what we should do. The only thing I can tell you so far, is that if we get enough people (15+ ... ?), I could try and talk to the guys at Komakino about having a party there... but that's a big maybe. (I haven't slept in very long time and I've got a huge fever, so I'm probably not making much sense... I'll update this when I'm back to my senses. And, yes, I'll be spamming all Vancouver posters on this board with PMs about this thread... sorry.)
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