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  1. View Advert SKULL Linda Indigo Denim sz 2 Lower Rise/Hip Hang Skull by an Alchemist - Lightly worn women's jeans in indigo Sits at hip. Worn occasionally for about 6 months when purchased in 2007, and have been unused since then. I am a 26" natural waist and 36" hip -- these are snug on me. Waist (LOW): 30" Hip at widest: 36" Front Rise: 8" Back Rise: 11.5" Inseam: 30" Leg Opening: 7" Across/ 18cm Advertiser ment0s Date 12/08/2017 Price $150.00 Category denim  
  2. ___ Iron Heart Super Heavy Winter Flannel Size small. I thought this would fit my XS-self better than it does, but alas there is no denying it was meant for a man. Worn twice over layers, below are measurements from Self Edge's site. Chest 39.5" / Vertical Length 26.5" / Sleeve 25" / Shoulder Width 16.6" $240 + shipping
  3. ment0s


    I have a very large problem with one of my roommates, but I'm worried if I confront her, the rest of the year will be even worse. (Room swap requests have passed)
  4. ment0s


    I must admit, living in Westchester isn't so bad.
  5. ment0s

    Places of Higher Learning

    SUNY Purchase. Too fucking hot for jeans.
  6. ment0s

    Timber and Diamonds' West Coast Tour

    Send me your addresssss! I'll try and have my mom send it here and i'll send it there.. It might take a while since shes all over the place and probably isn't very good with the USPS.
  7. ment0s

    Raw for Women

    Kino, awesome fit. I think they'd look great after the hem. My black 19cms fit very similarly, and I'm 5'7.
  8. ment0s

    Timber and Diamonds' West Coast Tour

    Sarah! I think my mom found a pink Olympus while she was cleaning up... is this yours or one of the guys'?
  9. ment0s

    Timber and Diamonds' West Coast Tour

    Thanks to Lars, the cab company is going to egg my house.
  10. ment0s

    Timber and Diamonds' West Coast Tour

    Sarah, last bart to South SF is 1am from the city. Still can party... just not too hard
  11. For the record, it was written by an asian girl.
  12. ^ Well there goes that, i don't browse enough. :[