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  1. I searched for a thread about "Unbranded Brand" denim, but was unable to find one. I just received my first pair of heavy denim. 21oz UB221. I never realized how much different they would be than my 12-14oz selvedges. I can get them on with just a little struggle, but the buttons are super tight fitting in the holes. Also since this fabric doesnt really give at all, my thighs and calves are TIGHT. I am hoping to learn that these will stretch out just a bit with wear. The waist is perfect but I have very strong legs from weight lifting. I might should have gone with the straight fit vs the tapered, but I didnt want the bottom hem to be as wide. Any insight into these would be excellent. I really wanted an Iron Heart 21oz pair - but for almost triple the price, I just couldn't justify it.