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  1. sorry for jumping on this pretty late but, give me a concrete date/time/place and i'll let y'all know if i can make it out.

    if you guys need a photographer, i got a nikon d200 + tripod that could be put to good use. holla

  2. george - lie to me

    duncan sheik - i don't believe in ghosts

    dragon ash - byakuya

    mos def - rock n' roll

    dj shadow x keak da sneak x turf talk x mistah fab - 3 freaks

    dj krush - kemuri

    cma - the immigrant

    morcheeba - post houmous

    eric prydz vs floyd - proper education (sebastian ingrosso remix)

    emiliana torrini - dead things

    the foreign exchange - happiness

  3. all en route from respective online vendors

    sophnet x nike internationalist leather air max


    lacie x f.a. porsche 500gb firewire external


    porter black beauty macbook pro pouch


    acronym gt-j8 gore-tex xcr


    panasonic rp-spf01 speakers


    converse velcro leather jack purcells


  4. well DH's forte has always been the formal wear IMO, casual stuff was just made to sell...look at early collections, no casual wear up until Follow Me, and even then it was casual pieces in a more dressed up

    agreed. people often forget that dior homme built its name on formalwear; it was hedi's original vision for the direction of the label.

  5. does it really matter where i got the funds to purchase the car? if it's really that big a deal, a significant portion of the car was financed by trading in my 03' 325xi. and no, my parent's do not pay for my clothing, not anymore anyway.

    Glad to see you finally got your hands on the logans. Did you get the Dior shirt from a Canadian stockist? I've been dying to get my hands on a plain Dior shirt like that but no luck here...

    Oh word of advice with the tie, be careful with the silver CD badge, as that as a tendency to be "pulled" off.

    yeah. i usually get my plain white dh shirts from leone and more recently, holt renfrew... odd, having owned a number of dh ties, i don't believe i've ever had a problem with the badge being "pulled off".


    chub rock dope cardi.

  6. insider congrats on the 335i. what interior did you go with, if you dont mind me asking.

    thanks. black leather interior and oak dashboard... fully loaded sans the navigation system (it's hard to get lost here in vancouver)

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