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  1. ///////// http://grailed.com/u...ntendu/wardrobe
  2. ///////// http://grailed.com/u...ntendu/wardrobe
  3. ///////// http://grailed.com/users/12463-le-malentendu/wardrobe
  4. 4/27/2015 Band of Outsiders chinos added! /////////////////////
  5. ///////////////////// more shirts added
  6. 6/21/2015 More shirts and LOADS of neckties added. ///////////////////// 4/27/2015 Band of Outsiders chinos added! ///////////////////// 4/6/2015 More shirts added! ///////////////////// various Band of Outsiders shirts in XS/0. some are new and unworn, while others aren't. the prices are between $80 - $120. please check out the individual listings for more details. also included are Band of Outsiders jackets and suits, as well as Common Projects footware. feel free to hit me up here or on grailed. will combine shipping for multiple orders. will consider slight discounts on multiple items. http://grailed.com/users/12463-le-malentendu/wardrobe
  7. Dior Homme Community Sale Thread

    WTB/looking for raw indigo MIJs in the 19cm cut in size 27. newish to slightly used condition, no alterations. please PM me. thanks!