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  1. n0torious

    Samurai Jeans

    Snagged a pair of the S140SXJ-GRK from Self Edge. Pics to come soon, some initial thoughts. This is my third pair of Samurais but my first purchased in 15 years. The other two are only out of rotation because they don't fit anymore. I typically wear a 34 but from the sizing chart I went for a 36 - definitely the right choice! Can't imagine squeezing into their 34 - Self Edge measured it as a 32 inch waist. I've never owned jeans with this kind of weave before - truly wild. The shorter fibers make for a really coarse, crunchy texture. I machine washed them once to get the starch out and they felt stiffer afterwards. Denim is so rigid that getting them buttoned after the wash was a challenge. The fit says "relax tapered" but for me these are pretty slim jeans with a slightly roomier upper half. Really looking forward to seeing how these age as i can picture getting really nice creases.
  2. n0torious

    Samurai Jeans

    Gorgeous. Legendary.
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