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  1. fkn

    Most overrated brands

    why not?
  2. selling a version far superior to any of these in the market (sz 42).
  3. fkn

    Best Plain Cotton Tees?

    1. sunspel 2. jil sander 3. aganovich
  4. fkn

    gabber / hardcore

    mkt bra initiativ
  5. fkn

    Fashion Society Pet Peeves

    tattooed rich friends of artisanal clothing residing in new york, normcoreish SF "minimalists" spending 1000 dollars to post pics online of pants, sneakers, t-shirt/sweater, gothninjas of any race or creed.
  6. best yet. switch to a pair of black, slightly less cropped and generally just more interesting pants, however. personally I'd change the shoes too (eytys standard black canvas, converse 70s or a pair of y-3s most likely), but that's purely a matter of personal preference.
  7. fkn

    Best Burger I EVER HAD was...

    the bird in berlin goodman's and hawksmoor in london
  8. fkn

    Favourite Japanese mens label

    sacai comme des garcons kolor sunsea