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  1. okay golden...

    if you get both of them to sleep with you at the same time and you video record this event and upload it to the internetz i will give you a lifetime supply of rick owens nipple shirts.

    I may not get video but I will get cell phone pictures with my iphone. I will of course, put that really hip black bar over the eyes.

  2. goldengloves is my favorite white man.

    crillz is a boy. diamonds is a girl.

    I love you. I actually missed you when you weren't posting...That's real talk.

    well both. not shorties, but definitely slender. I really meant to say that I've mucked up a good thing...

    Oh, word. I feel you, but life goes on. Plenty of fish in the sea and all those other things friends and family tell one another when shit goes down.

    But yea, small, petite girls are where it's at.

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