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  1. Easily the best moment of the show thus far. Reminiscent of Chris beating Michael's stepdad to death. Definitely about what's not said during that moment that makes it so powerful.

    Yes, you had to love that Chris Partlow-ass beating. Looks like they're also starting to touch a bit heavier on the NOPD, especially the preview scene w/ Antoine from next week. I still don't see where the show is "going", which makes it tough to get really engaged (how would a season end? i can't foresee any climaxes or arc to the storyline). Btw, those two street musician are both awful characters. Zahn grew a little on me this time around.

  2. I mean, Bubbs was pretty JarJar-esque. Zahn's just annoying.

    Meanwhile - what is the story here? Post-Katrina recovery is more of a subject than a storyline. There's no "McNulty needs to take down the Barksdale Crew" or "Rogue police Major wants to reform the city". I'm curious what the engine of the show will be.

  3. Also, no beef, but why even mention that vs. just commenting on likes/dislikes from the article (i'm assuming you had to have read to give the opinion)?

    Also appreciate using Mystical to piss off your neighbors.

    No beef. If you're gonna spend 20 minutes of your life reading an article, I'm just saying your time is better spent w/ the Times piece. Luhd that Mystikal shit, even though I find Zahn's character really annoying, which is usually the last thing you'd have to worry about with a Simon show.

    For up north folk like myself that need to get up on Nawlins...


  4. It was OK... there are tons of characters already which makes things a little difficult to pick up on. Also the dialect is really thick, which adds to the heavyness. I'll give it a few more weeks.

  5. ^ The David Simon piece From the Times magazine few weeks back was much stronger.

    I'm actually picking up my HBO subscription for Treme. Looks like the verdict is still out on whether or not it'll be a winner. Side note: Go Harvard, Duke, UCAL Berkeley, etc for offering courses based on the Wire.

  6. motherfucking wallace.

    Apparently there was a tremendous amount of controversy when HBO found out that Wallace was going to get murdered. but that shit had to happen, just like D, String Lex, Bodie, lil Kev, Omar, Snoop, etc...

  7. Something I wish was done a little differently is the personal side plots. I would have preferred to see more glimpses of Prezbo's at home life (maybe instead of Kima's.) Prezbo's progression and growth and the twists and turns of his career were more interesting to me and I would have loved to have seen conversations or moments between him and his wife when he pistol whipped that kid/ shot the cop/ lost dookie to drugs.

    And since we are doing top 5 lists: (in no particular order)






    Honorable mention to D'Angelo and Avon.

    shame on me for leaving out prezbo.

    d'angelo is classic 'honorable mention' material, but he was killed way too early to be considered top 5 but if he were in 3 seasons or so, he woulda been among the best.

  8. The montage at the end of Season 2 was great.

    Frank Sobotka was an absolute hero.

    season 2 had the best drama, some depressing stuff; whereas season 3 had the fireworks. Sseason 4 is my favourite probably, in view of the entire run.

    This shit is gospel right here.

    If more people watched (which they didnt until it was too late) there would have been more then 4 seasons.

    That's just complete bullshit. The brevity of the show adds to its impact, and David Simon knew that. He understood when penning out the series that he'd have 5 season's to work with highlighting the different facets of the American city (drug trade, death of blue collar workers, political reform, public education, media). The popularity of the show had nothing to do with its demise, it was David Simon staying true to his game and not wanting to stretch the stories thin by doing 7 or 8 seasons.

  9. season two fucking sucked.

    the shipping containers one?

    yea fucking sucked.


    btw, chill w/ bodie being top 5. bunk, colvin, prop joe, omar, 5th is debatable (sabotka, string, normal wilson, landsman, lester?)

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