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  1. kopped cardigan & écharpe...c'est bien l'impression aussi qu'il n'y avait pas tte la collection...mais j'ai pas vraiment regardé je voulais rentrer chez moi dormir...sinon moi y'avait vraiment pas foule...comme prévu quoi!

  2. I guess the argument is a little like a band 'selling out' and signing to a mainstream label or doing a commercial.

    Yes, CDG can reach a wider audience. Yes, it can bring more exposure to the label.

    But at what cost? devaluing the brand? devaluing the exclusivity of their clothes? (can you tell I'm a graphic designer?)

    Part of their allure is their price, quality, exclusivity, and the fact that most people cannot afford their clothing - or just would not be interested in paying those prices.

    However, the metaphor breaks down because CDG is already successful, well respected, people are fervent about their clothing. You can argue that they don't NEED the exposure, nor does H&M need the sales.

    I think maybe part of the motivation is collaboration - trying different things, risky things that might 'damage' the brand's stature - but at the same time might be more creatively rewarding and challenging.

    There are definitely a lot of labels, a lot of artists, musicians who get stuck in their own navel-gazing style.

    And there are a lot who break out of their mold by working with other people - both those who fit in the same creative vein and those who seem to be the opposite.

    I think it's more interesting to fuck things up and maybe upset people than to simply continue on the same path forever.

    That said, I hope the construction quality doesn't suck.


    and fuck polka dots.

    mobb deep to g-unit?

  3. wow... the worldwide release is on the 13th right ? shit i can't really miss those classes on the morning... i'll got there at around 11, hoping there still be some shit.

    je sècherai pour toi freecat :)

    edit : no need to skip, no class on 13th

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