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  1. I offered to accompany her after my party, she said ok, so yah after my party i picked her up and brought over my place.

    bit of this and that blah blah blah, than we fucked.


    glaaaad this thread is back

    yo pitch me on that blah blah blah thing, i got this girl coming over my place i'll want her to get down

    i feel like my bullshit game will be weak, need some i dont know how you call it start-up pick-up sentences something to put her on

    and those k girls look awesome in a crazy kind of way

    btw what do you mean when you say "we did greek"

    and caps lock we definitely have to meet when i'll be in nyc

  2. definitely check about taxes. Companies employing a foreigner are required to without up to 30% of wages as taxes. If you are a consultant it's different, but as an employee you are gonna get the shaft. I would ask my company HR person to be sure because there's nothing worse than a large tax obligation at the end of the year that you didn't expect. Well, maybe a large tax obligation at the beginning of the year would be worse.

    Seriously though make sure about it. U.S. federal prisons aren't like those cozy European jails. European jails are like the thunderdome. Break a deal, face the wheel. US prisons are faithfully depicted in "The Rock" and "Con Air". Just watch those movies, you'll understand.

    Also if you want ramen and someone says "momofuku" feel free to slap them in the face. Go to Minca instead on 3rd street between A and B. For the best Japanese food in NYC, hit up Sakagura at 211 east 43rd street. The best part is, the restaurant is in the basement of an office building. It is literally underground. Best japanese food I've had in NYC.

    Have fun, man.

    Oh, there's red pandas in the central park zoo WHAATTTTTT

    yeah sure about that tax thing, i'm working under a special contract called a V.I.E (Volontariat International en Entreprise), i'm paid in euros on a french account and the company is a french company and all

    lol about them cozy jails

    and yes I would be on a J1 "Intern" visa (12 months visa), i will have to renew my passport asap as it is expired

  3. thx and repped for all your advices guys

    i've also been told to look over brooklyn, many stuff on craigslist but it is kind of messy

    my budget would be something like 4k (no tax since i'm under a french contract) so i'm basically looking for a studio or a 1BR...i'd like to be operational when i'd get into the flat that's why i'm looking for furnished

    i will try to have me an hotel paid for two weeks or one month while looking for a flat

    work would be 9th west 57th street

  4. in march/april, i'll be moving from paris to new york for 12 to 15 months for work.

    so i need you people to advise me on :

    - where to live? where to look for furnished rentals?

    - where to go out

    - what are the deals with metrocards, mobile phones etc...

    basically i will address my questions into this thread as they arise, but you are more than welcome to freely contribute


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