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  1. Don't get your hopes to high...

    and a bunch of 2007 films, the standouts being Les chansons d'amour and Truands. I like Marchal a lot but MR73 was not up to the standard for popular entertainment he set with his last film.

    it received acid critic, but i really liked Truands.

  2. oh and freecat it's written on you profile that you like watches...

    My dad want's to buy me a watch for my 18th birthday...

    I was thinking of Bell&Ross or a Dior Chiffre Rouge...

    Do you have any sugestion.


    choose the bell & ross lucky motherfucker ;)

  3. Ouss,

    what/where is yr internship? Good luck finding a place to live. I've never been to Paris, but I heard/read it's a bitch to find an apartment.

    i'm going to HSBC, on Champs-Elysées.

    I will work in middle office.

  4. Is it ok if we do it in paris?

    Not too far?

    we look like to be all over the france, so might be logical to do it in paris.

    maybe we should wait to gather more people, though.

    for my part, once i get an internship i'll be available to meetup in Paris

  5. Sorry, I typed my answer, and then sufu got down. I had the raf by raf with stripped tongue, and they fitted nearly true to size, a tad bit big. I tried the raf cons-like from this season at surface to air, and they also fitted kinda true to size. But size down on those made in italy (make sens).

    damn! so i'm definitely not snatching the last 44 pair available on yoox...since i'm size 43.

    shit surface 2 air got some rafs? they might be kinda expensive over there though.

    thanks for the answer

  6. Listened through it yesterday, pretty much what I had expected. Not terrible, but not great either. Return of the Mac was a stronger release.

    first listen

    i want out is strong, young veterans not bad

    wait for the second listen

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