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  1. Anyone have thoughts on Aether's cloud jacket? Whats the shell made of?
  2. whats the height of the standard heel on a pair of semi dress? I'm 6'2 and im thinking the heel might turn me giant.
  3. no duties on made in USA products
  4. http://girlcameramirror.tumblr.com/
  5. are you in toronto? who stocks them?
  6. anyone for black arcs?
  7. Just checked out Giordano and saw they had a slim black selvage jean for $70... the fit seemed decent for sub $100 but i was wondering if anyone can comment on the quality of denim
  8. i'd say measure your thigh... although a 32 could potentially fit.... the thigh will end up being the deciding factor
  9. my waist is exactly 32.5.... should i size down to a 32 or up to 33? any help would be super happy terrific.
  10. would the 5507 fit be comparable to eternal 811's?
  11. anyone know what the fit on the 872's are like? I would assume similar to 811's but the bears chart says otherwise.
  12. Would picking up a paid of dior homme 21 cm be cheaper if I were to buy them from the boutique in Japan? And how much would I be looking at?
  13. Just wondering how much a pair of dior 21 cm'd would cost if i were to buy them in japan... also do they have hidden rivets?
  14. Last Bump: $220 USD + shipping. Hopefully wanting to sell these soon.
  15. Bump Price change: $245 USD + shipping. Someone has to be interested....