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  1. This is a public service announcement

    The Tannery in Cambridge (the nice looking one at street level) has the white court shoes. They had at least one display pair. I did not ask about how many pairs they had. 270. I forgot to check size. They also had the black rogues gallery quoddy boat shoes.

  2. Stel's has some Geller stuff 40% off. They have the pullover shirt, a black jacket that is light, couple of shirts, pants, i dunno. go geller-ize yourself. Also, plenty of loden dager and some NDG shirts.

  3. I was folding laundry tonight and my gf had her loafer-style socks in there. The inside of the heel had a little sticky patch on it. THAT IS SOME NEXT LEVEL SHIT. They don't be sliding down

  4. Has anyone tried CB I Hate Perfume Wild Hunt? I am trying a sample I ordered right now. It is quite the fragrance. It is described on the site as the scent of an ancient forest in the heat of summer.

    As soon as I opened the vial I got crushed leaves. That strong bitter smell from my childhood of cutting back the ivy in the yard. Once on your skin, that scent backs off quickly and is joined with what to me is a soft floral scent. Slightly sweet, reminds me of honeysuckles I think. It stays there for some time and slowly fades until only a sweet drydown remains. Worth a try I think. Different (for me) and interesting. If someone who has tried it can correct me on the notes that would be cool. I haven't learned them all yet.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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