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  1. ^helmut lang

    snap. cannot cop. any other stripped back, slim but not fashion-slim MA-1s going around? thinking lad musician but almost all of their jackets run with an asymmetrical zip these days which ain't so cool. plus they're pretty expensive.

    most on this page look a little too repro / skinhead for my likes.

  2. ^ i'll just chime in and say that unless your desperate to ski, the value simply isn't there. the snow is australia, whilst skiable, is generally pretty lousy and the costs associated with spending time in alpine areas might just break the bank.

    spend it on bzs in melbourne.

  3. ^ you're talking about warby, right, kiya?

    i haven't handled warby parker, but have so with oscar wylee. i'm hardly a connoisseur but the frames felt of decent quality. in fact, the matte frames in particular, felt very nice and quite substantial in hand. i haven't yet received my pair so time will tell but they felt on par with the RVS by V, LA eyeworks and moscot frames i've handled.

  4. I have the 25th and they are still tts. You'll probably fit fine. Nbs can work sized up most of the time

    haha, fuck - i need us10. if anyone wants a pair of m576nga in 10.5 drop me a line asap.

  5. also if you jump on amazon.jp, almost all of the toto (publisher) books are worth owning. from aalto and corb through to fujimoto and bow-wow.

  6. thanks, fycus. nonetheless i erred on the side of caution and ordered 10.5 (heard this particularly model ran a little small..) will report back if anyone is interested.

    fuck nike. new balance.

  7. another sizing Q.. i'm typically US10-10.5 (43 in MMM, 9.5 in chucks). i've got MS574 (sonic welds which ran small) in 10.5 which are a little tight, ML581 (mita collab) in 10.5 which are loose ANNNNND HS77 in 10 which are also a little big. confusing..

    gonna cop me some M576NGA anniversary kicks - unsure if i should opt for 10 or be conservative with 10.5?


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