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  1. ericdw

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: Nemen J-28k olive small J1A-GT small Thanks!
  2. ericdw

    Recent Purchases 2014

    Xpost from the watches thread. Patek 5164A Aquanaut Travel Time.
  3. ericdw

    lets talk watches

    Agreed. Good rule of thumb is to always get the bracelet, if the watch is offered on one. There are much more high quality aftermarket leather straps available than aftermarket bracelets. Especially for a brand line Sinn, you'll be able to get a better quality leather strap than the one that actually comes with the watch. Here's the newest addition to my rotation, a Patek 5164A Aquanaut Travel Time.
  4. ericdw


    He got it for cheap on ebay because it was in that condition. Only $100.
  5. ericdw

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Here are some comparison shots of my original Ring Ring Flat Heads to the new pair I just got. The older pair is about 2.5 years old, with basically only weekend wear. Lots of life left but I wanted a darker look too, and I love the fit and fabric.
  6. ericdw

    Clothing for The Great Outdoors

    Mystery Ranch
  7. ericdw

    Clothing for The Great Outdoors

    The nike gyakusou gloves?
  8. ericdw


    What was this called? I have one I want to post for sale but can't for the life of me remember what the cartoon guy is called. Camacho? Something like that? Thanks.
  9. ericdw

    Visvim F/W 2013

    Funny that you bring that up, I was just talking about that with Vinneus this weekend. His theory is that she's hiroki's wife.
  10. ericdw

    lets talk watches

    It's basically a forum marketplace so it depends on the specific seller you're dealing with.
  11. ericdw

    Visvim Community Sale Thread

    FS: brown cotton/wool survey pants. With envelope. Bought from bloodz vs cripz and they don't fit me. Tagged size medium. They measure 15" across the back, the inseam is 30", across the thigh is 11" and the hem is 7". They're a little more brown and less grey than they appear in the pictures. $sold PM me with any questions. Thanks.
  12. ericdw

    lets talk watches

    That tag is horrible IMO and I'm not a fan of the radiomir, but props for not getting the Pam that every first year analyst gets at bonus time. That Lange 1, on the other hand, is amazing. Trying to decide between that and the fp Journe calandrier for my next purchase.
  13. ericdw

    lets talk watches

    This thread is slow lately... Here is my current rotation L-R JLC Reserve de Marche Blancpain Villeret Ultrathin No-date JLC Deepsea Chrono 1979 Rolex GMT