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  1. soepom,

    Jalan Kayu sucks man

    they have like the worst pratas in singapore

    Causarina or Athar's prata would beat those anytime

    I live like next to Jalan Kayu

    and I've refused to head the prata there for like 6 yrs already

    seems like everyone in the area i know feels the same way

  2. just sold off my kit, yamaha stage custom

    but still have the cymbals back hom in singapore

    20 istanbul alchemy raw ride

    16 k custom dark crash

    16 istanbul thin crash

    11 istanbul splash

    14 yamaha steel snare

    12 custom snare

  3. its no longer 150usd

    even if they do decide to entertain u

    its 300aud for a pair

    which makes it 375 sgd for a pair

    make much more sense to just go to the lawn and get it

    damien: i'll only be back end of the year. photo then???

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342