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  1. hah i walked past chatterbox almost everyday at uni (since i go to RMIT bourke st) during the last 2 years, yet i never got around to actually trying it...

    you still in Melb? You should try it. really really good. the Bak Kut Teh there is great too. and the chicken mushroom noodle. I'm beginning to sound like a sales person

  2. Ying Thai on Lygon is Awesome

    Chatterbox at Tivoli Arcade along bourke is Great too(try the Crispy Chicken with Curry Sauce)

    Sushi Ten at Port Phillip Arcade along Flinders Lane is great too for the Chirashi Don

    Theres always Stalatites along Lonsdale for 24hr Soulvaki

  3. Anyway...back to topic.

    I would suggest you visit the Zoo. As touristy as that sounds, the Singapore zoo is really worth the trip there. one of the top zoo-s in the world.

    as for shopping:

    Check out Haji lane and Ann Siang Hill for Sufu approved brands and of course Orchard Road.You can probably find something for every budget in Orchard Road. in Orchard, you can also check out the infamous Orchard Towers

    for Clubs, Check out Zouk and Ministry of Sound for Good Electronic Dance Music. for "Indie" Rock and more alternative sounds, check out http://www.homeclub.com.sg/.

    the best food in Singapore is in the food centre located in the suburbs. those might be a little out of the way. try the food court at wisma atria for a sample of local cuisine.


  4. For Bed Supperclub, I think most nights its House and Electronic Dance Music

    except for tuesday(Not too sure) which is RnB. so it depends on your taste in Music.

    You should try the dinner package at Bed. A good experience.

    Nothing much in Kachanaburi imo, unless you're a history buff.

    for Bkk, I would recommend Khao San road for sure. Amazing place. Eat from the carts on the road side. 20bht gets you a plate of phad thai. and for a total of less than 150bht, you get that plus dessert and even a drink.

    if you wanna party, just take a taxi to RCA, thats where all the clubs are. alcohol is so cheap. rem to bring your passport.

    I was told by a local to head to Entertainment Plaza if I was looking for a "Good" Time. supposedly you tell a cab driver that, he knows where to take you.

  5. having said that, the southern style is more "effective" in winning games.. and i am so surprised that NZ won... shits gone insane.

    Nz lost


    The Southern Style makes the game much better to watch

    but saying that

    The Northern Style uses more of the entire team as an attacking unit

    as opposed to the south which is more about individual moments of brillance

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