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  1. monkeymunzey : dude ripped me off, paid $240 ish for a supreme jacket, 4 weeks later after not receiving the jacket i pm'd the user, he said he would track it, he them said it had been returned to him as he had messed up the shipping address...since it was over 6 weeks since i had paid for it he offered to either post again or refund, i asked for the refund, he then came out with some story that he had had money taken from his bank account illegally and could not make the refund, weeks passed of me chasing, everytime he assured me he would not rip me off and i would get a refund once his account was sorted, the last communication i had from him was over a month ago and he said he had only had some money put back in his account and that was that, nothing since and he won't answer pm's, I'VE BEEN RIPPED OFF.:mad:

    feel my pain and never deal with this dude COZ HE'S A CROOK!


    He said the exact same thing to me

    but regarding the Stussy x Mad Hectic tee


  2. Beware of user: Monkeymunzy

    Bought a tee from him abt 2 mths ago and have not received anything

    last correspondence from him was on 210508 in which he stated that the item got returned to sender due to a problem with the address and that he was going to resend it with tracking.

    now I cant file a dispute with paypal as it has gone past the 45 day limit

  3. actually depends on what u're looking for

    Drinks and people watching with Good Dance Music? The Wine Bar at Zouk

    Nice Jazz and just chilled out laid back vibes, Harry's or one of the other bars at Dempsey

    more Rustic Fee, Occasional local Rock bands and cheap beer? Prince of Wales in Little India.

    For the Ultimate Authentic no frills Singapore Drinking Session, Look for the a coffeeshop in one of the suburbs. find 1 screening the EPL live and go there on match day and have a drink.

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