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  1. More contemporarily Carol Christian Poell, Iris Van Herpen, Nicolas Ghesquière and Boris Bidjan Saberi all really deserve to be in the fashion/tech section. The first three because they are clearly pushing the technology far harder than the rest, and BBS because he's bringing a major skate/streetwear influence in (plus he's a killer patternmaker who clearly thinks a lot about motion).


    Are we talking about techwear as in clothing with technical features, or clothing which is manufactured using some technically advanced methods, but doesn't perform any differently than any other similar clothing? personally I consider techwear as the former, but all the designers you mentioned fall into the latter.

  2. A deposit is a pretty arbitrary number and doesn't necessarily represent an hourly rate. Just ask what he charges an hour. $300 would be super steep.


    agreed, I don't see any problem with checking the rate just so you know.


    $300 is steep but not unheard of. expensive for a new artist (?) but if he is really good and you can afford it, who cares.

  3. The black one is a lost cause, theres no way I'm even going to try. Even the iphone5 in black loses its color. It's the nature of the material and the coating, there really is no way it can be bulletproof. If you really are that worried get the plain silver, I think its a safer bet.

    but..but... the black one looks soooo good.

    but yea, I learned enough from the One S which I had scraped heavily after just a couple of weeks....

  4. My only concern is that with the new rear camera, I feel like it is a huge target for scratches. Hopefully HTC puts out "screen" protectors or something for the camera, which would be a shame to scratch to hell within a few months.

    I didn't even think about this since the lens on my nexus 4 is behind the gorilla glass...

    I'm even more concerned about the body though, if preliminary reviews already said its prone to scratching, I'm scared how it'll look after a few months. at least on the black one.

  5. But the author just basically said that every other Android phone that has ever came out has been ugly, even the Nexus 4...

    yea its a bit over the top..

    this is probably my favourite phone design wise, but the One S and X were nice as well. I liked the Nexus S, even though it had a slightly plasticy feel typical to samsung, but the curved design was very cool. The Galaxy Nexus felt much sturdier and was also nice, and the Nexus 4 is a very well designed phone.

    Of course android phones have come a long way, just like iPhones or any other phones for that matter. I just found my broken 3G in a drawer and it felt like a toy after everything that has come out in recent years.

  6. I'm just saying tho.

    I hope HTC doesn't ship their aluminum phones with scratches and dings like the iPhone 5 does

    the fragile surface was my second biggest issue with the one s. first problem was of course that the phone had hardware issues, but I suppose I just got a shitty unit. but the matte black finish got scuffs very easily if kept in the pocket, if thats an issue with the new One as well, its definitely a deal breaker for me.

  7. I think xewo's pic just a few posts up is a nice example of mixing some color in. if there is no coherence between the pieces, I imagine it would easily look out of place though.

  8. Visvim is a weird label, it actually wants to be both "streetwear" and "luxury" without being "designer". Now that outfit/item sucks like most of their garments but they did release some nice pieces (I liked the Harris Tweed stuff).

    Yea, I like Visvim and wear some of the footwear myself. not everything is my thing, and the past few years have strayed towards styles I'm not really into, but they've made nice stuff for sure. But that robe is still pretty ridicilous...