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  1. I've used either aquaphor or bepanthen for at least a week. might not be necessary but both promote healing more than regular lotion, so I don't see why not.

  2. nice! been wanting to get something done by him but I've kind of been obsessing over color recently.. I only have one piece with red (posted on the previous page), everything else is greyscale, I want a bit more color in there :blush:



    Superfuture username: nostradramos


    "nostradramos" and myself agreed on a deal for a used pair of Acne Ace jeans. We agreed on 110 USD included shipping, which would be the cheapest method available(not including tracking in my country). Nostradramos then paid this amount trough paypal, and I sent the jeans the following day which I have proof of. Nostradramos has now claimed the money back trough paypal due to claiming not to have received the jeans, he has now both my jeans and the full amount of 110 USD. Please watch out for this user!!!!!!!!!!!!


    So what exactly is your proof of him receiving the package?

  4. Norse Projects Rokkvi Neoshell


    looks a bit like cheaper J34-GTPL with down


    more here


    I have the Rokkvil parka and I have to say it definitely doesn't feel cheap. It actually feels quite similar to a Veilance jacket I have, the neoshell is just slightly more rigid than Veilance shells but still on the softer side of what you typically see on waterproof outerwear.


    So far I've been very impressed by the quality, fit and design. its too warm to wear it yet, but it feels very warm too.

  5. need some suggestions guys. moved to montreal this year and it's starting to get cold... and it's only going to get colder. i'm looking to get a nice jacket that will deal with the montreal winter (and i don't want to just cave in and buy a goose or north face). any suggestions for lightweight water/weatherproof/warm/padded jackets that will be able to combat the cold while not being very bulky? checked out some of the arc'teryx stuff and am interested in it, just wanted to get some of your guy's input also. 


    I think Arcteryx and Veilance would certainly work if the aesthetic is what you are looking for. I have a insulated Veilance jacket and despite it being very very light, its super warm. Another option is getting a shell and seperate liner.

  6. ^fabric is a stretchy synthetic mesh so it drapes super nice

    not going to have any technical capabilities in terms of water resistance.  It does have all taped edges tho as u can see in the pic but it's for other purposes.  Plus it has storm cuffs which are pretty nice actually.  It's supposedly the outer shell and the denim jacket is to be worn inside as the "lining."  


    I think I talked about this earlier, but the seams are not exactly taped. They created their own and entirey unique method of making seams. The panels of material are "mended" at the edges with zero excess material in the seams. the craftmanship and attention to detail are nuts.

  7. blvckiechvn, you can stop emailing sufu to remove your name. maybe you should've thought about this before handling your transaction in such a poor manner.


    We will consider removing your name after we hear back from the other people involved that they've either received their goods or a refund.

  8. I can't say I have a ton of experience as I've only been tattoeed by a few people and have talked to a few more, but honestly so far I haven't come across an artist that is good at replying to e-mails, at least more high-profile artists. try contacting the shop?

  9. I'm done here. Have a good one Mree.. keep posting even though the admins keep deleting your posts that contain my personal info. What you hope to gain from this I will never know. Other people who feel they've been scammed don't constantly keep posting the "scammers" info and convos on various forums, instead they contact the websites admins and try to come up with a solution. Then again, you probably suffer from down syndrome or something like that.. 


    you seem to have a lot to say, but you make very little effort to explain what actually happened with this transaction, but instead focus on this childish banter. Did you actually ship the item you sold?

  10. Thanks for the link... Although sad to say not a whole lot popped out at me. Some of the pieces look like they could be part of the mainline. I do like that the scarves and hoods are coming back and the sweaters look pretty neat.


    agreed. to me the whole line has been in a slight and steady decline. the first season or two were killer, since then its been a nice piece here and there but as collections, quite underwhelming.

  11. probably mis-communication somewhere where northwest told them he was from sufu and ebbets took it at face value. either that, or its about the possible trade deal for advertising. i don't think the owners here would want to give out free advertising for something that they have no part in.


    I don't believe this had anything to do with it as superfuture was not associated with this whole scheme.


    its possible that the manufacturer got the impression they were dealing with superfuture officially, but that seems weird as they were contacted by a random individual with no association with sufu. We are looking into this.

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