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    What are people perception of Filipino food? Why hasn't it caught on the way other Asian cuisines has in the US?

    Andrew Zimmern has mentioned that he believes Filipino cuisine is the next big thing for the US food scene. Having grown up eating Filipino dishes and believing that it does have a lot to offer I don't see this happening.

    As much as I love my culture's food it's not the most sophisticated cuisine. I liken it to soul food of the south. It's comfort food. I noticed many restaurants trying to "elevate" it by trying to make it fancy food. I think this is the wrong approach. It's not meant to be eaten this way. To truly elevate a filipino dish, all that's truly needed would be to use the best ingredients possible.



    It is actually doing well in NYC since Maharlika opened, here are the other two that just opened recently;

  2. tell him to go fuck himself and find a different tattoo artist

    I'm basically going to say what vin said, but I want my artist to be excited about any tattoo I bring to him. It's only going to be shit if he doesn't want to do it.

    for realz. if he thinks your idea is "played out" then you definitely don't want him tattooing you whether he's wiling to do it or not

    word, anyway been thinking of getting a piece by daniel albrigo, not as heavy solid black lines like hooper/levin/guy le tattooer/ but he's black work is dope. so im hoping the raven and sword will work well with him. also the met the girl who's finishing her bodysuit from him. so sick.


  3. have anyone had issues with their tattoo artist being uncooperative with your ideas, lets say i want to get a raven with a sword from a woodblock print image and the guy says its played out in the tattoo world? ;/

  4. ^the du is fine, the girl on the other hand is wearing an extremely wrinkled shirt untucked with a one buttoned tiny cardigan and slim fitting short jacket. it looks stupid and it screams im wearing tb cardigan and shirt. damn that collar too.

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