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  1. 1 hour ago, Jun.H said:

    Kinda bummed that the backpocket of my Voronois have ripped after just 3 months of semi-regular wear. I've filed a warranty/repair request with Veilance and I'm waiting for their reply. I'm located in Australia, however - anybody have any experience with getting Veilance stuff repaired/replaced outside of NA or Europe?


    Sorry, I'm in the UK not outside Europe (yet), but recently had this happen to a pair of mine after a similar amount of wear, and they replaced them with a brand new pair immediately. Fingers crossed this happens to you too!

  2. Would anyone be kind enough to take the waist measurements of a medium acg cargo for me please? Just received my size large and they fit massively so need to decide whether to exchange or just return!

  3. Quite particular question here, but has anyone got a J55 insulator? Wondering how suitable it would be under a J28-K or a J53-GT?

    Thanks in advance if you're able to help!

  4. I've only experienced QC issues once before. I will say though I've returned several things that didn't work out for me and their customer service is some of the best I've had to deal with.


    Yeah, I'll second this, just had to return some pants (due to fit not QC) and my experience with customer services was overwhelmingly postive!

  5. Question for the guys that picked up the J53 - How does the hood attach to the jacket sling? Does the jacket sling or hood have any different kind of attachment to previous jackets with removable hoods?


    I'm just wondering if i could sling my J29 hood the same way, I've always just stuff the hood in a pocket.


    The hood has a little press stud loop to attach it to the sling.

  6. Hey all,


    FS - P10A-S Black size L £650 Worn once, doesn't really suit me. Bagged with tags and spec sheet.


    FS - Bamboo ACRNM Prestos size S £160 brand new.


    Pics on request, but both items only received this week/


    Plus shipping costs to you from the UK!


    Both gone thanks!!


    WTB 3a-1 or 3a-3TS in good condition.

  7. Hi all, hoping someone can please help with a quick bag question. 


    Is there a difference between the main compartment sizes of the 3A-1 and the 3A-3TS, or is the latter just a 3A-1 without pockets?  


    Thanks in advance!

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