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  1. Pure Blue Japan

    I think we lost in translation with the shop. They stated it was unwashed but I measured the waist and it was exactly 32', today i will measure the inseam. I think they sent the one-wash to me but even an unwashed 32 would be quite tight. Anyways, they seem positive in exchange. 33 has the same thighs as 32, will the bigger waist "fix" the fit?
  2. Pure Blue Japan

    tight but ok my main concern is not the thighs so far. one more photo
  3. Pure Blue Japan

    I just received the 017 in size 32 (unwashed) and the top 2 buttons cannot be buttoned... the thighs are tight but ok. no soak yet. a new thread in supersales or to wear it some days expecting some stretch? i am afraid that even it stretches, the soak will make it supertight again. btw, the actual waist of a non-wash 32 is...32''.
  4. Samurai Jeans

    it is valid till 15/11 i think.
  5. Dior Homme Denim

    size down to 33 will be ok.
  6. Pure Blue Japan

    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, 32 seems to be out of stock in unwashed and ow in the Japanese sellers. I do not consider BiG yet, as its final price is quite higher. Anyway, 31 thighs seem ok.
  7. Pure Blue Japan

    the waist of OW xx-017 in 31 is 32.15'' (according to andjapan size charts). my actual waist is 33,5. Will it stretch or I need a 32?
  8. Dior is more TTS than APC, if you size down 2 in APC, size down 1 on dior.
  9. APC denim

    I also wear 33 in levis 501, I got a sz.33 NS and after 3 weeks of wear the stretch has been acceptable.
  10. Can anyone posts the product code of the grey distressed jeans? http://www.eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=11346752&SectionID=6000
  11. Buying Comme des Garcons (SHIRT) online

    you can contact with www.doverstreetmarket.com (located in london, they ship internationally. I think) , they are quite helpful.