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  1. What would you do if you got this frame?

    (a) Single-speed

    (B) fixed gear

    © Old school geared bike.

    (d) Sell it





    throw a coaster break on that bitch and some pegs.

    grind that mother fucker on some rails.


  2. its 72

    its at about 30% capacity

    i would probably keep around that much stuff

    toss in a bike lock and a burrito in the main pouch

    and phone and mp3 player in the side pocket

    burrito pix?

  3. should i feel guilty that within 3 months i'm going to be living within "weekday-driving-distance" of one of the dogfish head restaurants, which i've already eaten at and by the way it 's delish?

    not at all.... I'd go there every day and get hammered off of world wide...

  4. My 2¢'s;

    I don't think prior to the last 10+ years there was really streetwear. Alot of original brands like freshjive, stussy, mossimo wear more surf/skate activewear, same thing with brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, and Polo (prep/wasp).... The street culture it self and the idea of people trying to be 'cool kids' or 'trendsetters' were just borrowing bits from other types of clothing styles to create a unique style. Brand's like Supreme which started as skatewear and evolved with their market and inspiration have just fused other styles together from skate culture, activewear, prep, and military.

    It wasn't until brand's like ecko, coogi, LRG, etc (dada, pnb, etc were even earlier then them) started specifically designing for the urban community that we saw a real surge in pesudo street-wear. However we didn't call it street, we called it urban... When urban-wear got played out and people were searching for the alternative we started seeing the second wave of independt brands like Lemar & Dauley, No Mas, etc designing clothes and styles specifically for the niche consumer... Someone who has evoled somewhere past urban-wear. Anyways, I'm sure alot of this has already been covered...

    Point is, it's just a melting pot of different styles. Streetwear isn't anything specific it changes to whatever the people are dictating, what the market is asking for, etc...

  5. yeah.... at first i thought it was a nice new detail... but they're annoying. they scratch and they're loud as all hell jingling against shit

    man..... mine started doing that shit the otherday I couldn't figure what the fuck was happening...

  6. Seriously? I can't believe they're selling common projects kicks and can't move supreme.

    I'm sure all the tee's sold very well, but when it comes to other merchandise that I'm sure they were required to buy, it sat.... I know westside was going to pick me up all the supreme chinos for $60 at cmonwealth they had been sitting there at that price for 2 months...

  7. i haven't even tried them on, and i planned on taking the tags off. what size did you get? were they more narrow then say cons? thanx.

    8.5, Not as narrow as cons, or at least with cons they'll stretch out....

    tags seem easy to take off, but the booty might show the wholes from it....

  8. RTEmagicC_gourmet_fw08.jpg.jpg

    new colorways look interesting. probably the greatest appeal.

    Oh, so I finally got a pair of these, and I don't like how the fit at all... They are nice and everything, the shape... but really narrow... plus the tag on both my shoes aren't centered just randomly placed.... sort of crappy quality control...

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