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  1. woah woah, first off your pants werent selling. if i wan tto sell something i want to get rid of it and i fi find a buyer with a little below asking il take it.

    second kamikaze those size 34s were huge i though tthey were the f/w 2007 slim fit at first till i saw the tag on the back of the pocket.

    mlproject i am going into the city on sunday if its nice out to walk my dog around central park. that is not inconvience, except for the parking.

    im just gonna sit back and read for now on, while you fags think your in a higher socieity.

    ps i leanred in my culture business class that

    the reason you asians are cheap when selling is that unlike here in america we will accept offers, you on the otherhand are firm on your price and would rather not sell than to accept the mark the way it is today.

    take it how you wish, but i have noticed this dealing with people here and resellers.

    on the real, any point you were trying to make was overshadowed by the engrish you just typed.

  2. to add some content to this thread........


    And no this has NOTHING to do with FW08


    Trigger coat looks promising, and isn't that fattip pattern from something that was shown recently? ( a collabo even maybe, I forgetz.)

  3. supreme makes clothes. people wear clothes. get the fuck over it.

    yup, this hypebeast this hypebeast that, fat asian dude in line for 3 days, omg bronson sux aka omg i just my bronson tee from the online store... y'all birds just tripping, if you hate something so much why y'all dedicate so much time to this thread?

    i wish king diamond was my father. i'd rather listen to mercyful fate, though. more shreddage.

    I never listen to mercyful fate, back in like the late 80s/early 90s when I use to skate, I use to bag with some kid that listened to maiden, diamond, and sabbath pretty much non stop, he put me on to some of the stuff... I still listen to it randomly when I'm in the studio... (mostly just the voices in my head tho.)

  4. does anyone know if the online store takes paypal? i've got some extra cash in my paypal to blow, but if they're dropping the A/W soon i might as well save it.

    paypal debit card, only takes 7 days to get it...

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