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  1. For sale are my used Samurai S710xx in sz. 29. Worn for a bit, washed twice. Fades have started as you can see. I reinforced the crotch on them, and the threading on the buttonfly needs to be strengthened. Letting these go for cheap because I now have a larger size. Looking for $125 shipped.

    Feel free to send any questions via PM or to my email address at [email protected]


    Waist - 15

    Inseam - 30 (chainstitched at BiG)

    Front Rise - 11

    Thigh - 10.5

    Leg opening - 7






  2. Cold Summer - My 811's are a size 30 compared to my 0500's which are a size 29. I love the fit on the 811's, though since I did size up one there is some room in the leg. I think they fit kind of similarly based on the sizing I used.

  3. Number 1 special's worn for about a year solid, maybe more. Didn't alternate at all, and finalized their destruction helping renovate a salon space for my wife - which accounts for the paint on them. Washed 5 or 6 times.

    Unfortunately sized wrong. I'm a natural 29-30 waist and got these in a 30. Had to use a waist stretcher so they didn't crush my hips but they definitely were tight on the berries. Have a size 31 ready to go once I move on from the pair of Eternal 811's I'm currently wearing out.




    Relegated to the bullpen aka weekend wear only now.

  4. Here are my 0500xx's about 6 months of solid wear and 2 or 3 washes. Plan to wear them more in the future but started some Eternal 811's and i'm in love with them.



    Sorry for the upside down shot!


  5. I have a new pair of one-wash 1101's in sz. 30, unworn that I'd love to trade for a pair of sz. 29's. Not sure if anyone out there is looking to make a move like that. I might try to hot wash and dry them beyond belief to attain maximum shrinkage if I can't trade them for a smaller size. Anyone with any experience doing that?


    Had 1108's in the past and they were thigh crushers, no squats allowed.

  6. One of these is for sale and one is for trade. I've done numerous transactions on both Superfuture and Styleforum. All items shipped priority mail and I'm happy to ship international.

    Feel free to send any questions via PM or to my email address - [email protected]

    First up for sale:

    SOLD! sz. 30 Studio D'Artisan SD-D02.

    Next for trade:

    Up for trade are a new and unworn pair of sz. 29 Studio D'Artisan SD-D01. These are the buckle-back model and have reinforced pockets and yoke. These are dyed using natural indigo and dipped by hand 24 times. These retail for around $375 according to the SDA website and based on the conversion from yen to USD. The silhouette is considered loose straight.

    Additional information can be viewed here:


    Interested in other Buckle-back jeans in sz. 29 or any Full Count, Warehouse and Samurai (amongst others) in sz. 29. Prefer as new as possible, though a few wears is acceptable.

    These have not been hemmed or washed.

    Measurements are as follows:

    14.75" waist

    12" front rise

    14" back rise

    12.25" thigh

    9" knee

    34.5" inseam

    9.5" leg opening


  7. EDIT: I would also sell these for $100 shipped inthe Continental U.S.

    I picked up this pair of Warehouse/Dubbleworks DW5P denim from Superfuture user Flash in a trade, along with a pair of Evisu no. 1 special. I was really after the Evisu and I'm maxed out on raw indigo denim so I'm putting these up for trade.

    I'm really interested in getting some black denim in sizes 28-30 depending upon the fit. As unworn as possible is preferable. I'm also open to other clothing items, mainly jackets and buttondowns sz. small. Primarily interested in black denim though.

    As far as the Warehouse denim, here is the description from the previous owner: "they're pretty mutch a 55 style jean, paper patch , off set belt loop ect , the denim is great ive asked around in the warehouse thread and they seem to be 1000xx denim , the jeans are in unworn condition". I believe these have been washed for shrinkage.



    waist 30

    f rise 9.5

    b rise 14.5

    thigh 11.5

    inseam 32

    Picture credit to Flash - I didn't even try them on.



    I've done a fair amount of dealing on here and Styleforum, both purchases and trades. Feel free to email me ([email protected]) or PM me with any questions.


  8. I agree - I had low expectations for the Maynard v. Edgar fight based on Grey's previous fights...but, it was awesome. Exciting from bell to bell. I'm stoked to watch part 3.

    Not a Clay Guida fan as a fighter but I'm pretty sure he lives out of an RV and just travels all over to train.

    Jim Miller v. Melvin Guillard anyone?

  9. Can we talk about Jim Miller? The dude is an animal. Shalorus can take a punch (or kick for that matter) but Jim was all over him. Plus, the kneebar finish over Olivera was super impressive, given the high level of BJJ both guys have.

  10. thanks guys.

    i have been to estelle, sabrinas, honeys, silk city, marathon grill. I decided to go with white dog cafe since farmicia was fully booked. Nice place, saw many college kids with their parents out on sunday brunch.

    Future brunch reference...I'm big on Cafe Estelle, dude smokes all of the meat and makes the bread. Also try Lift which is on n. 13th near Spring Garden - super good fritatta's. I've been going to Green Eggs in S. Philly too though there is one in NoLibs as well.

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