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  1. ^ sorry to hear about that man... but I'd be lying if I hadn't had some dark fantasy of being let go from my job to go frolic in my jeans in peace...

    oh! yeah, they're not "letting me go" as in firing me with euphemisms -- they're literally letting me take an approved leave of absence, which is fucking awesome. best of both worlds... salaryman ftw.

  2. i'm a sarariman, but i'm going to take a 2mo. leave of absence next summer/fall for a long-ass motorcycle trip...

    can i still play?

    No salaryman job would allow you to do this. You either quit or keep working. Pick one.

    they're letting me go. i leave in a week.

    jeans look good but not great now - hopefully some dust, bugs, motor oil and sweat will help 'em out.

    pics from the road if i think of it...

  3. Word, although I am looking for a good Chicago-style pizza around Portland.

    i haven't found a really excellent chicago-style pie in portland, but if you're looking for something a little different, try dove vivi at 28th and ne glisan. slices or pies baked to order with a thick, cornmeal crust. not my favorite in town by any means, but a nice break from the ordinary and unlike any other pizza i've had.

  4. i know REI makes one, as do Brunton and Vargo.

    the lightest and most minimal is, i think, the Vargo ULV


    i think i like the Snowpeak's looks the best, though...

  5. mac problems: applications>utilities>disk utility>repair permissions

    wireless problems: download istumbler and istumbler spectrum widget. check for wireless interference on the channel your router is currently broadcasting on. change the channel (airport utility for apple routers; web-based control panel for 3rd party routers) if necessary.

  6. Wouldn't mind having the measurement guide...been thinking of getting these as well!

    this thread isn't even that long... read it ;) and don't bother trying to reinvent the wheel.

    also, fwiw, at least on the 003 and 005, the rise is not prohibitively low.

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